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Save Yourself Money with All-Inclusive Living

Posted at 10 November 2022 in Village Life

For some students, moving to university can be the first time you’ll encounter the reality of having to pay bills. Although it may seem confusing as you navigate a new way of living, understanding bills and how they work, doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think.   

With rising energy costs being the reality for many across the UK, now is the perfect time to consider your options for next year so you can keep down costs, focus on your studies and enjoy student life.  

Keep reading to find out how we can help you live more easily with all utility bills included and fixed energy costs when you book a room with us.   

What does ‘utility bills included’ mean?  

All utility bills included means that your gas and electric usage costs are included in the price of your rent, so you don’t need to worry about sorting out separate payments for energy bills. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying as part of each instalment, and there won’t be any hidden costs during your time living with us. Benefits of choosing accommodation with all utility bills included:  

  • Instalments: You'll have set instalments during your stay with us, saving you time and the stress of juggling multiple payment dates and direct debits. 
  • Saves you time: You won’t have to look for the best suppliers, put your name on a bill or sign up to a contract, leaving you with more time to focus on your studies.  
  • No pursuing your flatmates: You’ll be responsible for your own payment, meaning you won’t have to chase up your flatmates who haven’t paid their bills on time.  
  • Easier to budget: When your rent and bills are all covered in one set cost, it’s easier to work out and manage your finances.  

Does it matter how much energy I use? 

All your bills are included in your tenancy when you live with us. Even though energy costs are fluctuating at the minute, this won’t affect your rent during your tenancy, as our energy prices are fixed for your stay. This means that you can use as much energy as you need without there being any extra costs, but please be mindful and use your energy efficiently to help us all be kinder to the planet. There are also no hidden costs or usage caps for you to worry about either.  

Which utilities are covered?  

When you stay with us, we’ll cover:  

  • Electricity  
  • Gas  
  • Wi-Fi  
  • Water  

Better still, as a resident you’ll also receive free content insurance, which helps to give you peace of mind over your valuables.  

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay from September, why not make our Village your home? Take a look at our Villages here



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