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How you can work abroad this summer

Need exciting summer plans to get your through the exam period?

Whilst your loan may be running low, your dreams of heading abroad for a couple of months definitely aren’t. So how do you go about an extended holiday without having to beg your family for cash?

Here’s your list of options based on how you want to spend this summer…

You want some travel funds

American summer camps are a popular choices for many students. You have to pay a little bit to bag yourself a spot and get to the camp, but it’s worth it. You can get paid over £1000 for your work (including teaching sports or acting as a camp counsellor). That’s money you could splash on a quick road trip around the USA and Canada!

Take a look at Save the Student’s comparison guide for choosing the right camp for you.

You want to get a feel for life abroad

If you want a taste for what life and work is like overseas (and you count yourself as a patient person) think about becoming an Au Pair.

Families look for live-in Au Pairs all over the world – Europe, Australia, Canada… the list goes on. You may only get a small amount of pay a week, but with free accommodation and food you won’t need much. Check out Planet Au Pair for more information.

You want to add to your CV

If you want to travel but you’re worried about missing out on internships, teaching English abroad is a great addition to your job applications. Whilst you may find little pay in some countries, benefits usually include free accommodation (saving you from forking out for your own!).

You’re not limited as to where to go either. From South America to Asia, you’ll have plenty of options of where to work. Take a look at this TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) guide for students.

You want to head to the beach

For those of you who want a more typical summer holiday… Fancy spending your days off sunning yourself before heading on a big night out? Become a holiday rep.

You don’t need to be up for resorts like Magaluf and Malia to become a rep either. Companies like Thomson have opportunities all over the world.

You want to do some good

Whether your passions lie with animal welfare or development, you can find volunteer opportunities for you anywhere in the world. You could be helping newly hatch turtles find their way to the sea, or helping build a school in Africa. Take a look at this guide to volunteering on the Save the Student website.

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