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How to make a thanksgiving meal for £3

It might just be one month until Christmas, but for those of you studying abroad from across the pond, there’s another date you’re prepping your turkey for. It’s almost Thanksgiving!

If you’re thousands of miles from home, without another American in sight, it can spur up a little homesickness. So how about bringing a slice of the USA to Britain and showing your flatmates how you celebrate the holiday this year?

Whip up a festive banquet with these cheap alternatives to that taste of home...

Replace the huge turkey with a modest chicken

You’ll might be searching your local Aldi’s poultry aisle for a while if you’re in search of a whole turkey to roast. The Crimbo bird isn’t stocked in many UK shops until late December, and when it is it can be on the pricier end of the student budget. Go for a cheaper alternative with a whole chicken using this festive recipe.

Cost = approx. £3 in Aldi for a medium chicken. Just 50p split between a flat of six! Throw on some mixed herbs from the recipe for £1.50

Whip up a cultural delight – Sweet Potato and Marshmallows

You can guarantee 99.99999% of your mates haven’t tried this. But for mere pennies that can have their eyes opened to this unique American treat.

Cost = grab a £1 bag of sweet potatoes from Asda and a 70p bag of marshmallows whilst you’re there

Mashed potatoes

Does anyone really need selling on this one? Adds heaps of butter and a sprinkling of salt and pepper and you’re set.

Cost = 80p for a kilo of baking potatoes in Asda

Cranberry sauce

This is one your UK friends will be on board with as a Christmas staple – and easily available in the shops.

Cost = 70p in Asda

Mixed veg

Go for frozen to save your pennies – just as good when it’s on the plate.

Cost = get a big bag of Asda’s own for just 80p

Home-made gravy

When it’s Thanksgiving, there’s no gravy quite like home-made gravy. This recipe includes just five ingredients so you can’t mess it up.

Cost = gather all the items needed for £2 by digging out own-brand supermarket goods

Pumpkin Pie, anyone?

Since pumpkins become useless in the UK after Halloween, grab a tin of pumpkin puree, a pastry pie case and cinnamon to use in this recipe.

Cost = the ingredients come in at less than £3 in Sainsbury's.

Total cost for a slap-up Thanksgiving meal for six? Less than £2.50.

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving with your flatmates? Tag us in your Instagram photos @campuslivingvillagesuk.​

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