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Five Apps to Help You Save Money

Posted at 15 November 2022 in Village Life

Living on a budget can be difficult, but did you know you can track, save and budget your money with the help of money-related apps?   

To make your budget stretch a little further, we’re sharing five handy money-saving apps to help you get your finances on track.   

Best for keeping an eye on your spending: Monzo  

Monzo is an online banking app that removes some of the hassles of creating a monthly budget. With Monzo, users can set up budgets and use pots to set money aside for different things.  

Monzo also has a feature that automatically adds the change from payments made on your debit card into one of your regular pots by rounding up your spending to the nearest pound.  

The app will also send notifications whenever you make a purchase on your card and lets you know what you spend the most on.   

Best for cashback: TopCashback  

More than 4,000 retailers work with TopCashback to help give you money back on purchases. You can get cashback from online shopping and in-store purchases when you upload a photo of your physical receipt. 

Over time, you’ll be able to build up a pot of cash in your account, which you can withdraw at any time and spend on whatever you like!   

Best for splitting the bill: Splittable  

Are you planning a day out with your flatmates? Splittable takes away all the hassle of asking for the money you’re owed. Add as many people as you like to your ‘household’, get everyone to type in what they bought and how much it cost into the app, and then Splittable does all the work for you!  

The app will tell you who’s in credit and who owes what money.   

Best for discounts: UniDays and Student Beans 

Did you know just by being a student, you can access exclusive discounts through websites such as UNIDAYS and Student Beans?   

Whether you’re looking for room décor bits or want to treat yourself to new stationery, there are so many discounts to be had.   

Check out our must-have student discount Instagram guide for some of the best deals to help you save some pennies. 

Best for saving money on the food shop: My Supermarket Compare

My Supermarket lets you compare the cost of your grocery shopping across some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets.   

It’s as simple as searching which items you need, and the app does all the work by retrieving the price information from multiple online retailers to see where it’s the cheapest.   

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