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Bedroom Must Haves

If you’re looking for some bits to help perk up your room on a budget, check out some of our favourite bedroom products to help you create those homely vibes.   

Handskalad Decorative Hand  

If you’re looking for a small but quirky ornament with multiple uses, check out Ikea’s decorative hand. As well as being able to move the hand effortlessly to create multiple shapes, it’s also a great ring holder.  

Korken Jar

Perfect for storing stationary, hair bobbles, brushes and other random bits you may have lying around your room.  


Saxborga Jar  

Keep all your bathroom bits together using the saxborga jars, they’re perfect for housing cotton buds, makeup sponges, q-tips and toothbrushes.  

Eneby Portable Bluetooth Speaker  

Small but practical, the Eneby portable speaker is perfect if you’re wanting to zone out to some music. You can also bring it along wherever you go since the speaker is powered by batteries. 

Sjalstigt Set  

Great for decorating desks and shelves. 

Mandelpil Cushion Cover  

Use cushions to help add colour and character to your room.  

Fado Table Lamp  

Sometimes ceiling lights can emit a harsh white light, lamps are great as they help to give your room a relaxing glow.  

Fejka Potted Plant

Spring a little life into your room with fake plants. If you're not ready to become a plant-parent, they'll look vibrant all year round, require zero care and look pretty realistic. 

Ikornnes Table Mirror  

If you like to do your hair and makeup from the comfort of your bed or your desk, a portable mirror is an essential.  

Tjena Desk Organiser  

Your desk will need some sort of organisation. It’ll save you time searching for notes when it comes to cramming in some last-minute revision.  

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AL4 4503

Bedroom Must Haves

in Village Life

Check out some of our favourite bedroom products that’ll help you create those homely vibes on a budget!