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Our Village Life programmes are our favourite way to make your village feel like home and best of all, they’re a lot of fun!

In our experience, nothing rivals the excitement that comes with the prospect of starting university. Whether it represents a chance to learn beyond your wildest dreams, to take on a little more responsibility in day-to-day life, or to reinvent yourself as a cool, confident person, we’ve heard them all!

What is Village Life?

Not the easiest question to answer, because we like to mix things up!

Each of our programmes is unique to the village that hosts it, with bespoke events and activities held by our friendly, talented village teams. They know your city, your property, and they'll get to know you, so they're the perfect people to set a fun agenda.

Get ready for BBQs, cookery, games tournaments and movie nights - just to name a few! There really is something for everyone. We don't hog all the fun though.

Any student can come to us with housemates, friends or your would-be sports team, and launch a new idea - just ask! You might be a natural even planner.


Your village needs to feel so much more to you than a rented room. We talk about it a lot, but here at Campus Living Villages, we know it’s about finding somewhere that you can call home.

We started our Village Life programmes to make that happen. To help students make new friends, learn new skills and have new experiences, but most of all, we wanted to help you create new memories that will stand the test of time.

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