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Why summer in your uni town is the best

Posted at 07 June 2017

There are loads of benefits to not heading back to your home town for the summer.

No arguing with your brothers and sisters, no parents asking where you’re going and no frustration at the one club in town not being open past 1am.

If you’re staying in your uni town or city over the summer, get ready to see the perks. Sure, you could do most of these things in your home town AND get your mum's cooking, but that's what you've been doing for years. Here's how you can experience your uni town from a different perspective this summer:

No uni work

This seems obvious – it’s not like you’ll have assignments to do back home either. But it’s different when you actually stay at university. Heading out on a sunny day for a BBQ in the park is now a guilt-free experience. You can cruise past campus and straight into town. Plus, everyone else is free too, meaning plenty of opportunities to get out on your flat.

You always get a seat on the bus

No queues, no standing up and no risk of overheating as too many people attempt to stand towards the front.

No cleaning rota or TV remote debates

It’s not like you hoard rubbish. It's just nice not to have to clean your plate within 0.1 seconds of finishing dinner before getting sighed at.

Fewer flatmates = fewer petty fights over unwashed mugs.

There's also less chance of you having to sit through those reality shows you hate (or say you hate, and can now watch without judgement...) without a full flat.

Always get a seat in the beer garden

When the sun finally decides to come out, you don’t have to coordinate plans to get to the pub ASAP in order to bag a table. You have your pick.

No fighting your way to the reduced section

In term time, you’d be luckily to get an old Meal Deal cheese sandwich from the reduced aisle of the supermarket. Not in summer.

No one else is eagerly waiting on the day’s reduced stock (everyone’s figured out its arrival time by the end of the year). You can fill your basket with much more than almost-out-of-date trifle puddings in the summer.

The gym is always empty

The usual wait for your favourite machine is over. You can stride into the gym at whatever time you like and not find a single person in your way. So now you have no excuse to avoid this evening's session because it's 'too busy'.

Explore the city

All the student nights out of business for the summer so you’re forced to venture away of your usual faves. It gives you a chance to find new, different places that you can introduce everyone else to when they’re back!