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What to do before going home for the holidays

Posted at 07 December 2017

There's not long to go until the big day and fully stocked fridges are awaiting your return home. Whilst you might be keen to get back to lounging on the sofa with Christmas films on repeat and cheeseboards in abundance, there are a few things to tick off your going home for the holidays checklist.

1. Donate any unwanted food at Reception

We're collected food items for those in need before and during Christmas. You can drop off items (like tinned goods - see Reception for other accepted items) in your foyer area or to a member of staff.

2. Get your last-minute Christmas shopping posted!

A normal mail service will continue until Friday 22nd December (and will resume on the 27th) so make sure you get those presents ordered in plenty of time.

3. Log any maintenance issues you have

We'll be carrying out planned maintenance in the communal areas and bedrooms whilst it's quiet over the Christmas period. If you have anything you need our Maintenance Team to take a look at before you're back, please log this on the portal before you leave.

4. Switch off your appliances and lights 

We want to make sure we're keeping our energy wastage to a minimum over the holidays, so before you leave switch off your lights, alarm clocks and any other electrical items (except your fridge/freezer).

5. Clear up your kitchen

Especially if you've just cooked up a six-person festive feast and the sink is overflowing...

Your bin might seem alright now, but leave it three weeks until your return and your kitchen will be a hazard zone.

A sparkling clean kitchen will be a whole lot less stressful when you come back, armed with a full shop and exams to focus on. Just remember not to turn off your fridge/freezer.

6. Share your plans with us!

We want to know what you're going to be getting up to over Christmas - whether you're going home or you're staying at your village.

Will you be ice skating or going to the Christmas Markets? Share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (feel free to private message us, too!).