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What students really get up to in halls

Posted at 12 May 2017

As we approach the end of another academic year, we get ready to say our goodbyes to old residents and say hello to fresh-faced newbies for their September arrival.

We’ve witnessed so many memories over the years; friendships forged, hearts broken, drunken freshers with traffic cones on their heads – there really are no boundaries when it comes to a student’s first year at university.

We partnered with the popular university forum, The Student Room, and conducted a survey to gather some real-life stories posted by students around the country. We wanted to share some of the most outrageous and downright ridiculous tales we came across, as well as past experiences from some of our staff and previous residents.


“We woke up to find that all the cars on campus had been wrapped in cling film.”

“I opened my curtains to discover a giant Donald Trump outside of my window.”


 “One night, a friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to swim in the old campus pond.”

“I once opened my door to see a fully naked girl in the corridor – in full view of the security cameras!”

“My flat mates used to steal all sorts of things. One day, I came back to find the flat, full of branches, and one of them riding a makeshift bike with a miniature wheel.”

“We were throwing a big party and my friend thought it was a good idea to go into our loft – until he fell through the ceiling and got stuck.”

“For some reason, we decided to build a slip ‘n’ slide in our flat. We got water and soap everywhere!”

From waking up to a giant Donald Trump and cars wrapped in cling film to swimming in ponds and DIY slip ’n’ slides – whatever will next semester bring?

Do you have any funny or surprising tales to tell from your experience at a hall of residence? Let us know on Twitter @clv_life.