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Village welcome: move-in to do list

Posted at 31 August 2017

You’ve got your results, you’ve confirmed your spot at uni and you’re just a few weeks away from checking in to your new home.

Moving away from home is a big job. You need to know what to pack, where to go and what to bring with you. It’s a lot to think about when you’re used to your mum and dad doing most of the big decision making before – you might not be sure what a ‘guarantor’ is or feel 100% confident filling out your bank details form.


Don’t worry – we’ve pulled together this handy guide to help you know what’s what when you move in. Whether you’re flying into your new city or driving up that morning from home, here’s how to make you move-in day a breeze…

Submit all the forms you need to check-in before arrival

Log into the portal (find your direct link on and make sure your guarantor and bank detail forms are all submitted.

If you haven’t done this when you come to check-in, it’s going to take a while to get them done on the day so it’s much quicker for everyone to get them filled in before! It'll also be easier to do at home with your parent/family helping you fill them in, just in case they're not moving you in on the day.

Know what you need to pack the car up with

Check out to see what comes included in your room and what you'll need to bring. Your room will come with all the basics and your kitchen stocked with appliances (so you can make that all-important first cup of tea).

Pack anything you want to make your new place feel cosy (except pets – they need to stay at home!). Not bought anything yet? We’re giving £300 away to one winner of our Home Made competition! Just tag us in a photo of the one item you won’t be able to live without at uni on Instagram with the hashtag #HomeMadeFeeling to enter.

Make your way to the Village!

On arrival, head to Reception where you’ll get your Welcome Pack, a load of freebies to help you kick-start your student life, your Welcome Wristband and, most importantly, your key/swipe card. Again, the exact place you need to check-in is on, so head over there for all the important info.

Remember to put your key and swipe card somewhere safe straight away. About 1 in every 3 residents panic about losing them between the check-in desk and their flat upstairs (okay so this figure is a totally guess, but it happens a lot).

Remember to take a photo with your new wristband and show us how excited you are for #VillageWelcome on Instagram!

Drop your things off and pop the kettle on

You’ll be desperate for a caffeine boost after lugging your boxes around all morning (although if you need a hand with this, just let our Village Team know!).

Hanging out in the kitchen or shared area for a little while will also give you the opportunity to run into your new flatmates. It might be a bit awkward getting to know each other with your parents hovering but it might be a good ice breaker.

Check out when your first Village Life event is

Some of the biggest events going on in your first six weeks’ calendar of Village Life events can be found on Fancy a free burger, or free cuppa the morning after a big night out? Take a look on the site and see what you and your new flatmates can go to.​