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The freshers' week essentials

Posted at 01 September 2017

Freshers' Week can be chaos - whether that means going out every night or hitting those Freshers' Fairs hard.

It's difficult to prepare for something you've never done too - living with strangers, moving away from home and being totally independent with no house rules. So, what can you bring with you to help ease the struggles you might face during your first week at uni?

Playing cards

When you're still trying to remember your flatmates' names and you're not sure what to talk about (other than your A-Levels), cards will be your saviour.

From being played over cups of tea or circled around a jug of a worryingly coloured drinks mix, we'll be whipping out the deck on a daily basis during Freshers'.

Two types of ID

Losing your provisional on the first night of the week could mean not going out to any bars until your replacement arrives. Not ideal.

Bring another form of photo ID. Your passport is probably your second option - a pricey replacement if lost, though. Remember, as much as you may like to argue with a bouncer about it, your Student ID is not proof you're 18+.

A mini medicine box

You know that cupboard that your mum magically presents any medicine your illness requires from? You're going to need your own.

Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and plasters are all staples. Whether you've had a slip up whilst chopping veg or went out late and have to survive a 9am lecture, stock up so you're prepared!

A box of fancy dress options

Perhaps not a box, but definitely bring a lot of choices. You don't have to be a fan of taking shots to have fun on a fancy dress night out. The dressing up is half the fun!

See what nights are on in your Freshers' Week calendar and see what you've got in your wardrobe. From the Toga Party to the Disney themed bar crawl, you'll be dressed up more during university than you ever were as a kid.


Your kitchen at uni will probably be a bit different to your one at home. The bins might not get taken out on time. No one seems to want to take ownership of the hoover.

Feel at home with a snug pair of slippers, whilst avoiding the realities of the floor of your shared kitchen.

Ear plugs

You might not be too keen on partying every night during your first week. Everyone wants a Netflix night more times than they might admit during Freshers'. But, unfortunately, this doesn't mean other people aren't.

Living with others means you might be on a slightly  different sleeping schedule to your neighbours. Pop some ear plug in your suitcase and get ready for some peaceful nights' sleep.

Whether you're partying this Freshers' Week or taking it slow and having a quiet one, we hope that these freshers' essentials come in handy during your time at uni.

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