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Quiz: what type of housemate are you?

Posted at 16 November 2017

What type of housemate are you?

With the start to the academic year just around the corner, do you know what type of housemate you will become? Maybe you're the responsible one, or maybe you're the party animal. Lucky for you, this incredibly official quiz will let you know!

Get your pen and pads ready...

  1. Someone steals your food without asking, what do you do?

A: Buy some more, because sharing is caring.

B: Fair enough, as you have been a suspect of stealing other people’s food before.

C: You forgot you even had food in the house.

D: Write a note to try and catch the thief and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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2. What will your ideal Wednesday night look like?

A: A night in with friends and a nice cooked meal.

B: A night out in your local student’s union and getting home at 3am.

C: Binge watching Netflix and getting a takeaway.

D: A night catching up on notes and studying.

3. It’s deadline day for one of your assignments… how prepared will you be?

A: Print it off the night before, ready to be handed in the next day.

B: All-nighter getting it done, sleep all day and then celebrate with a night out for submitting a piece of work.

C: A rush to hand it in 2 minutes before the deadline, then go back to bed because that's enough for one day.

D: Already handed it in a week before the deadline.

4. It’s student loan day, what will you do?

A: Time to plan and budget for the month.

B: Spend it all in the first week on nights out.

C: Most of it goes on food and takeaways.

D: Make a plan each week for food, bills and social life.

5. You've had a long day at university. You arrive at home and cook dinner, you are really tired and want to head to bed. Then you remember you have to wash up. What do you do?

A: You have already done most of it as you cooked.

B: You will do it in the morning.

C: You will leave it for someone else to do.

D: Get up and force yourself to clean up.

6. You have just got home after a night out, what are your plans?

A: Get some water, text all your friends to make sure they got home okay and head to bed.

B: Carry on the after party when you get home.

C: Order a takeaway and eat until you can’t eat anymore.

D: Make some food and then head to bed, to make that 9am lecture the next morning.

7. How will you tackle house work?

A: Full clean around the house making sure it is spotless.

B: Do enough to get by without anyone noticing you have done the bare minimum.

C: What even is house work?

D: Get the whole flat to pitch in, giving everyone a job each.

8. Other housemates will most probably come to you for…

A: Advice and support.

B: For a good night out.

C: To watch a film and chill.

D: If they need a pep talk and motivation.

Now it's time to round all of your scores up and see what kind of housemate you will be. If you got mostly…

A’s - you are the responsible one

You will be popular based on your kind nature and ability to look after others. You'll create a homely flat for your other housemates, just remember it is okay to sometimes let your hair down.

B’s - you are the party animal!

You will hardly ever be in bed before 3am but you are the life and soul of the party. You’re always the last person to leave the dance floor and always up for a night out. Just be wary of your other housemates - not everyone likes the same volume of music as you and they need might need more sleep than you.

C’s - Sorry to say this, but you are the lazy one…

Ah the sloth of the flat! You’re laid back and have a very relaxed approach. You spend most of your time in your room catching up on the latest shows with a takeaway. There is nothing wrong with this, but don’t miss out on the university experience… and remember to help out with the washing up.

D’s - you are the sensible student

You are the perfect student, you always get your work done on time and others will come to you for help. You are everyone’s first pick in a group project. Just remember to enjoy the full experience and you are allowed to reward yourself for hard work.

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