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Moving into uni halls: what to expect on your first day

Posted at 01 August 2020
Tobias is a first year resident at Peel Park Quarter (PPQ), studying Television and Radio at The University of Salford. He tells us what his move-in experience was really like.

The weeks before moving into Salford were very nerve-wracking as I didn’t know how to cook, what my flatmates would be like and most importantly… what colour my room would be. I had already found my neighbours through the PPQ Facebook Group and they all seemed friendly, so I was excited to have new mates. Being the super scrimper I am, straight after results day I shopped around to find the best prices on bedding and homeware, even ordering stationary from China to save those extra pennies. One way I’ve made my flat cosier is to upcycle things like drawers and a mirror from a charity shop with old paint to bring my favourite colours into the room.

I definitely put off packing until the very last minute (which I don’t recommend unless you want to stay awake all night worrying if you’ve got everything). I used the cliché blue IKEA bags to fill as they take a hefty amount which can be useful if, like me, you’re bringing the kitchen sink. Another trick is to use to get free bubble wrap and cardboard boxes for your precious items like glasses, mugs and plates. Make sure you get enough though, because sadly my TV didn’t make the 3-hour journey and ended up splitting in two – no, I wasn’t best pleased. The rooms in Peel Park Quarter have SO much storage that there’s plenty of space under the bed to keep all my packaging to re-use.

I was so excited to move in that funnily enough I wasn’t too upset about leaving home and saying goodbye to family and friends. I drove up to Salford with my parents because they wanted to see me settle in as well as give me a hand from the car park with my endless bags and boxes. When I arrived, I collected my keys before taking the lift up to my new flat. I met the three lads who’d already moved in and they kindly showed me around, and then making our first Aldi trip after a record-breaking 30 minutes into me moving in! I spent the rest of the day sorting my room, battling with my duvet cover and going back and forth to Wilko to buy hangers; when, in hindsight, I should’ve just counted how many I needed.

The Campus Living Village student accommodation staff are always around to answer questions or worries you might have. They said it would be fine to get a new TV delivered – with mine never even making it out of the car park. I don’t think the experience could’ve gone any smoother, other than needing extra bubble wrap!

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