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Meet Jahanvi 👋

Posted at 21 April 2023 in Village Life

Meet Jahanvi, one of our latest Resident Content Creators, who lives with us at Rusholme Place. Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like being an international master’s student from India living in Manchester! 

Introducing Jahanvi 💬

Hi everyone, I'm Jahanvi, an international master's student from India. I'm currently pursuing my MSc in Creative Advertising Strategies from Manchester Metropolitan University, and coming to the UK was a long-chased dream of mine. I'm a creative bee and love finding opportunities to be around creative heads. Kind of justifies why I ended up on my course!

One side of me is calm, spiritual, sincere, ambitious, and hard-working, but I also like to let my hair down from time to time. I'm also a dancer and a social media content creator on Instagram. I love creating fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, my feed is where my creativity flows and where you’ll find my true personality. Along with these interests, I also love solo travelling and cooking. I especially like cooking traditional Indian dishes.

Why I decided to study at Manchester Metropolitan University 🎓 

Manchester Metropolitan University is a prestigious university in the UK, and I am so glad I chose to pursue my postgraduate degree here. The university has an amazing infrastructure and its in a great location within the city.

When I first found out about the courses they offered, especially my course, Creative Advertising Strategies, I knew there wasn’t a better place for me to study. The course is very well-structured, the faculty is a group of professionals with industry experience and above all, you get to network with students from different countries. I love how culturally inclusive MMU is; it makes me feel a sense of belonging.

The university also offers employability advice, to help you seek the perfect job through its Job Hub and multiple job affairs. If you want to have the best education and have fun at the same time, MMU is the place for you!

Rusholme Place reception with staff

Why I chose to live at Rusholme Place 📍

One of the things that may seem daunting to plan when heading abroad for higher studies is your accommodation and choosing people to live with. When I decided to come to Manchester, I was stressed about finding a good place to stay, but that's when I found Rusholme Place on Google. Although there were a few other accommodations to choose from, Rusholme Place best suited me as it was what I was looking for.

Rusholme Place is located in Rusholme and is a 7–8-minute walk to the University of Manchester and a 15-minute walk to Manchester Metropolitan University. It has the most convenient bus stops, which are just a 2-minute walk away. It's also super close to the famous Curry Mile, with 50+ restaurants serving the most delicious food and grocery stores like Lidl, Poundland, and Tesco are also within a 2-minute walk.

The location is great, and the accommodation is well structured and maintained. There are three blocks where students from different countries and cultures live together. The rooms are pretty spacious, with sufficient storage, a window that gives you natural lighting and a comfortable bed. The living area and kitchen are also considerably spacious, with comfortable sofas.

As soon as you enter from the main gate, you’ll come across the reception, where you may find yourself multiple times a month. Reception will help you handle any issues you may have from the minute you check-in. The Village staff are lovely, especially Leanne and Michelle; they're super helpful. The reception also hosts regular Village Life events like Waffle Day and Spring Lunches, etc.

The accommodation cost is economical and varies according to the type of room you select. The monthly rent includes all your utility bills, which means that electricity, wi-fi, hot water, heating, a fortnightly kitchen clean, and regular maintenance are included in your rental price.

Life at the Village 🏡

I feel my decision to live at Rusholme Place was perfect, and I couldn't think of a better place to live as a student. The location is super happening, and there is so much to do around the area; I'm never bored. Rusholme is student-friendly and safe even at night-time.

If you are an introvert, they’ve got you! The Village Life Events in the reception act as an icebreaker and allows you to make friends from different blocks and I've met so many friends at these events.

My flat has five other rooms, and I love spending time with my flatmates in the shared living area. All of us are from different countries and backgrounds, and it’s super interesting to learn about each other's diverse cultures. I also love my room; it's super cosy, and the natural sunlight makes it well-lit. Everyone is kind, friendly and helpful, and I'm loving my time here.

My top tips and advice 💡 

One of my most important tips for people choosing to live here is, explore! 

Explore the accommodation, explore the location and be open to everything. You can only make friends and have fun if you are open to it. It takes a little time to adjust but if you are willing to give it a go, there's no looking back. You'll have the best time living here, just as I am right now!

If you're looking for student accommodation in Manchester check out our rooms available at Rusholme Place. 

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