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Fun Part-Time Jobs For Students

Posted at 11 May 2022

­When you get your loan in – and if you’re mega organised – you probably start by putting aside the mulla for rent, the books you can’t risk not buying and food. If you don’t and it’s giving you anxiety, check out our guide to surviving loan day without spending the lot - How to make money as a student.

Once you’ve done that, and depending on your loan and grant amounts – or how generous your parents are – you might find yourself wondering how you’re supposed to afford the wild nights out you’ve heard about from your older mates.

How will you fund the life-changing “I really found myself man” gap yah that you obv need to go on?

And everyone always says the same thing – look up part-time jobs for students.

On the other hand, you might have heard horror stories. Not so much boatloads of stress or hazardous working conditions (you’re not going down the mine), but boring shifts in a naff supermarket, or hours spent pot washing in a sweaty kitchen.

Well, part-time jobs shouldn’t make your time at uni harder, nor should they take away from the fun of being a student. That’s why we’ve collab’d with the job specialists who know over at Student Job and Inspiring Interns for some advice on finding fun student jobs.

Keep reading for some serious inspiration.

Watch films for a living

Inspiring Interns know what they’re talking about when it comes to jobs that are… inspirational. And who doesn’t love the cinema? – we’re amazed we didn’t think of this first.

They said:

“You don’t need any qualifications for cinema assistant roles, just a fun and outgoing personality and a passion for the pictures.

“Work for the Odeon cinema chain and you’ll get a free film pass to watch as many movies as you can cram in during your free time, while Vue offers flexible hours and free tickets – both give you discounts on the food and drink too, and nobody can resist half-price popcorn and slushies.”

Pass on your wisdom

The guys over at Student Job suggest putting your knowledge and experience of education to good use.

They told us:

“Maybe university is going so well for you, that you stand tall as a fountain of knowledge for your chosen subject.

“Better yet, there are tutoring jobs nationwide, so why not exchange your intelligence for hard-earned cash?! It’s flexible and involves working every other evening; it is also perfect for a student’s busy schedule.”

Sure, tutoring might be a job for the more confident among us, but as a famous person said a long time ago, “In the end, the only people who fail are those who do not try”.

Become a Deliveroo driver

Okay so this one is only fun if you really like exercise and you like the smell of takeaway without being able to eat it. Oh and you’ve got to own a bike.

Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to have a motorbike or car while you’re at uni, you can listen to some tunes to and from your drop-offs. Or you could even listen to lecture notes…

Choose something underrated but make it your own

Honestly, when we were pulling this list together and imagining fun jobs that would fit into a uni lifestyle, working in any kind of shop wasn’t on our radar.

Lizzie Exton at Inspiring Interns set us straight:

“Retail jobs are so underrated, but get a foot in the door of your favourite shop or restaurant and there can be rewards aplenty.

“Most shops offer huge staff discounts and great flexible working hours to fit around your lectures and study commitments. Decide what you’re most interested in (and spend the most money on) and you’ll know exactly where to apply – if clothes are your thing then fire off some applications to River Island, Monsoon or Next, and if you’re into music or film then head to HMV.

“There’s always big demand for weekend or evening shop assistants and for seasonal workers, so chances are something will come up in your local branch.”

Lead the people! Or lead new students at least

Megan at Student Job suggested being a Student Ambassador as a fun part-time job. Thinking about it, you get the best of two worlds, because your uni is sure to understand that you have a big student workload to keep on top of, but working hard will make you feel amazing if you’ve been in a timid new student’s shoes before.

She explained:

“Acting as a student ambassador for your university is a fantastic option to juggle work with those deadlines.

“It normally involves working on open days, telling potential students and families why your university is the best, easy right?! Most importantly, the pay is great too. I myself was a student ambassador for my university, and I had so much fun working with my friends, and it looked great on my C.V.”

Walk and care for furry friends

From cat-sitting to dog-walking, you won’t believe the number of jobs in your area that let you spend a few hours stroking and playing with furry animals. The best part is, research shows that pets are great for your mental health, whether you’re feeling lonely, depressed or anxious.

Check out for more info.

If you’re really struggling with your emotions however and the symptoms persist, make sure to contact your GP as soon as possible and know that you are not alone – lots of students feel this way at one time or another.

Go "out out" for a living

Working in a club has its ups and downs, but there’s no denying it can be a super-fun job and if you can get your friends free tickets to events, all the better!

On the other hand you’ll have to love the “out out” lifestyle and not mind missing the odd night out with your friends, or standing behind the bar while they party.

The people at Student Job were all for this classic part-time role:

“Universities produce world-renowned scholars, alongside some fantastic clubs – so working in a nearby club/bar may be a great idea! Shifts will normally take place over the weekend, meaning you will not have to turn up to your lectures tired and drained.”

Hit the "Happiest Place on Earth" over summer

Do any of us every really get over Disney films?

It’s becoming more and more acceptable to be a die-hard Disney fan as an adult with all the live-action remakes coming out in cinemas. Working at Disneyland Paris over summer is a great opportunity for Disney fanatics to make some extra dollar.

Inspiring Interns gave us the lowdown:

“If you’re one of those Disney-obsessive types, then working at Disneyland Paris over the summer can be a fantastic way to earn some extra money.

“Would it really feel like a day’s work if you spent it pretending to be Belle or Sleeping Beauty and entertaining the little people? No experience is required and they’re always on the lookout for seasonal workers, so relive your childhood and go to work in Disneyland.”

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your job search – get hunting and justify a blowout when your local shopping centre puts on a students-only 20%-off event. Mate, you deserve it.

Do you know somebody with a part-time student job that makes you uber-jealous? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter today, and we’ll credit you on this list!

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