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Cheap, last-minute Halloween costumes

Posted at 23 October 2017

Halloween - one of the few times where the more ridiculous you dress, the better you look.

Whilst 2018 is no doubt a big year for some of the more shocking (and probably offensive) costumes, here a few that will keep you on your mates' good sides. Without blowing your entire student loan on something elaborate/inflatable/generally a bit OTT.

The cast from Stranger Things

It might have been a fave last year, but with the new season coming up get set to see a lot of Elevens dancing around your house party this year.

Slap on this wig, this dress and some long white socks and you’re all set – for less than £20. Some fake blood (ahem, ketchup) under your nose will add some extra detail.

Anyone who wore a cape in Game of Thrones

Whilst it’s all well and good Ikea selling the rugs actually used in Games of Thrones to don Jon Snow himself, £40 is a bit steep. Even if it can be used to decorate your flat later on.

Get yourself one of the cheaper variations of just as ‘winter is coming’ style rugs instead – for only £10. Plus, you’ll be laughing when your mates are shivering without a jacket (it ruins their look, they say) whilst you’re wrapped up warm.

Spray it brown, add some fake snow, wear dark clothing and start growing your beard now.

The Addams Family

If you’re feeling moody, Wednesday Addams is an easy last-minute outfit. Pick up a black, collared dress (like this £10 bargain), spray your hair black (hair spray is around £3 in fancy dress shops or online) then pop on some black lipstick. Job. Done.

For anyone not keen on a dress this year, Wednesday’s brother, Pugsley, only needs a striped black/white top (just £7 in H&M) and a pair of black shorts. You might need to stick with a Wednesday look-a-like to be recognised, though…

A Sim

Make yourself into a Sim easily by popping a home-made Plumbob on your head (a 2-D version is just a cut out diamond shape, for those less crafty). A cheap headband (definitely a job for Primark), some card and a wooden stick is all you need.

To really make an effort, grab two extra pieces of large white card, a range of pink paints and look like one of the more memorable Sims…

Pennywise from IT

Take a look at this tutorial and be prepared to up your spookiness level this Halloween – not just Pennywise, but about-to-snatch-the-kids Pennywise.

Metro dished out some tips on how to make your own outfit at home too – get your orange hair spray, tutus, white puffy shirts and bobble hats ready (all things you can pick up at cheap high street shops or eBay).

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