Our commitments to you

Customer Service Charter

Our commitments

When talking with our customers, we will always:

  • Stop anything else we are doing.
  • Be friendly, courteous, honest, and professional.
  • Be respectful of cultural, social, and religious differences.
  • Take ownership of your requests, and keep you informed.
  • Listen to the information you share with us.
  • Seek clarity if we do not understand.
  • Try to ensure you understand the information we share with you.

We will:

  • Assist customers with sensory, physical, and/or intellectual disabilities to achieve equitable access to our facilities.
  • Apologise if we make a mistake and take steps to avoid making the same mistake again.


We listen to what our customers tell us about their experience with CLV and welcome suggestions on how we can improve via any of our
contact channels.

  • We conduct regular surveys, so our residents can tell us about their experiences.
  • Our Complaints Policy is published on our website at the following address: www.campuslivingvillages.com/resident-feedback
  • As members of the National Code for accommodation owned or managed by non-educational establishments (ANUK), CLV have committed to the obligations set out in the relevant code.
  • If a resident or their representative(s) are unsatisfied with an outcome following a complaint, they can raise this with ANUK.
  • More information on the Code and how to raise complaints is available at: www.nationalcode.org


Our service standards

Campus Living Villages staff are available for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year (including all UK Bank Holidays).

You can contact us in several ways:

  • Face-to-face: The majority of our villages are staffed 24/7, so you can speak with our teams face-to-face.
  • Call or write to us: Our Customer Contact Village (CCV) is available Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 17:00, contact details are:
    • contact@campuslivingvillages.co.uk
    • +44 (0) 161 850 6664
  • Customers who live with us can call or email our Village Teams directly.

At the start of phone calls, our staff will:

  • Introduce themselves by their first name
  • Advise if the call is being recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

When we call you, we will:

  • Tell you the reason for the call.
  • Offer you the opportunity to call us back on a confirmed CLV phone number if you request it. If you are refused the opportunity to do so, please hang up.

If we need to transfer you to another team/colleague, every effort will be made to ensure we:

  • Refer you to the most appropriate person.
  • Provide your name and explain the reason for the call.
  • If we miss your call and receive a voicemail, we will aim to call you back within one business day.
  • We aim to respond to written correspondence within two business days, and urgent enquiries, within one business day.
  • Written responses may take longer during busy periods, but we will always contact you if a written response is likely any longer than ten business days.

Our facilities

  • Our villages are regularly cleaned and maintained to provide a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Cleaning logs are displayed to highlight when and where communal cleaning has taken place.
  • All rooms and communal areas are deep cleaned after each departure.
    In a number of our villages where we offer a shared bathroom option, we provide free fortnightly bathroom cleaning to maintain cleanliness for all residents.
  • If something stops working, we aim to fix it as soon as possible.

Where an issue is likely to take longer than 24 hours to resolve after you’ve reported it to us, we will:

  • Seek to offer a short-term solution (if available) until the issue is fully resolved.
  • Provide an estimated timeframe for completion.
  • You can report maintenance issues conveniently via the resident portal 24/7 – this is the quickest and easiest way to arrange for maintenance issues to be resolved.
  • If you prefer to tell us about maintenance issues in person, we will record the problem and ensure it is resolved in the same manner.
  • If we need to enter your flat or room, we will always provide the required notice, as outlined in your agreement.

Additional services

  • CLV residents benefit from a 24/7 post and parcel service, locksmith services (fees apply), and resident life programmes.
  • A selection of third-party suppliers also provides additional services to our residents, such as arrival packs, contents insurance, room packing, and storage and shipping.
  • Wi-Fi and laundry facilities are provided by third-party suppliers who have committed to assist you should anything go wrong with their equipment and/or services. Please check out the Village Guide in the resident portal for more information.



  • Whilst we endeavour to act on all requests received by our customers, this is not always possible.
  • Our actions can be limited by resource constraints, legislative requirements, other organisations, and/or items outside of our control.
  • CLV staff are not able to advise on items including but not limited to welfare, medical, financial, health, or wellbeing issues, but will signpost (where relevant) to support services, including those offered by universities.
  • When we interact with our customers, we may be required to ask security questions to validate identity.
  • If anyone wishes to talk to us on behalf of a customer, we will need explicit consent from the relevant customer to do so.