how to budget your way through christmas

How To Budget Your Way Through Christmas

Posted at 10 November 2016 in Village Life

We tend to go a little overboard after uni is finished. And while you definitely deserve to let loose, here are a few things worth remembering when you ponder your next impulse purchase.

living in student accommodation the pros and cons

Living in Student Accommodation: the Pros & Cons

Posted at 07 November 2016 in Village Life

Here are the pros and cons of living on campus – from someone who lived there for four years.

how to nail uni break

How To Nail Uni-Break

Posted at 09 August 2016 in Village Life

Whether you are staying in your student accommodation or getting away, here's how to not waste your Semester break. From someone who continually did exactly that.

humans of the village charuni rajapakse

Humans Of The Village: Charuni Rajapakse

Posted at 02 August 2016 in Village Life

We're shining the spotlight on Villagers from all around the country a This time we’re checking in at Western Sydney University, Parramatta Village, in Sydney and chatting to Charuni Rajapakse.

things i realised when i moved out of the village

Things I Realised When I Moved Out Of The Village

Posted at 28 July 2016 in Village Life

Thinking about moving out of the Village? Here are some life lessons you'll learn when move out!

why living on campus was the best decision for my degree

Why Living On Campus Was The Best Decision For My Degree

Posted at 15 July 2016 in Village Life

Living at the Village didn’t just put a roof over my head, it did so much more than that. This is why living on campus was the best decision for my degree.

5 things i would do differently if i went back in time to my first year of uni

5 Things I Would Do Differently If I Went Back In Time To My First Year Of Uni

Posted at 07 July 2016 in Village Life, Study & Career

Being out of uni and looking back on my first year, there are definitely a number of things that I would do differently if I had the chance. Here are a few things that I would do differently if I had my time over as a first year uni student.

the biggest mistakes youll make this winter

The Biggest Mistakes You'll Make This Winter

Posted at 09 June 2016 in Village Life, Health & Wellbeing

The cold season is upon us – and if you haven’t made these mistakes already, here are a few you’re definitely going to make as the change of season settles in.

5 quirky ways to reduce stress

5 Quirky Ways To Reduce Stress

Posted at 30 May 2016 in Village Life

If the usual stress relief methods aren’t working for you, here are some quirky ones you can test out when you’re feeling under pressure.

top 10 weirdest questions we get asked at the village

Top 10 Weirdest Questions We Get Asked At The Village

Posted at 21 March 2016 in Village Life

Working in student housing means you get asked some pretty strange questions from time to time! Our guest blogger and customer contact agent, Kiara, gives us an insight into the most… err.. unusual questions we get asked by parents and students!

6 things i wish my parents knew when i left home

6 Things I Wish My Parents Knew When I Left Home

Posted at 08 March 2016 in Village Life

Here are a few things I wish my parents had understood when I started my first year at Uni