why living on campus was the best decision for my degree

Why Living On Campus Was The Best Decision For My Degree

Posted at 15 July 2016 in Village Life

People assume that living on campus is a huge party.

Sure, there are definitely some parties and big events that go on, but its way more than that. Living at the Village didn’t just put a roof over my head, it did so much more than that. Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s true. This is why living on campus was the best decision for my degree.

My life revolved around classes

When you live on campus you can’t remove your uni work from your list of priorities. It becomes the top priority. You’re surrounded by other like-minded students who all rush in and out to class every day. It’s almost impossible not to start planning your life around your uni schedule when everyone you know is doing the same thing. Your uni work automatically comes first, and that’s a good thing.

I met people

More than I could remember. I think during O’Week I met at least 400 people. And no, I didn’t remember their names. The good thing about this was that I had so many different people at my doorstep. I’d just left home, I knew no one, and here were 400-500 other people in the exact same boat. You can become very fast friends when you have a shared experience, and these people I will know for the rest of my life.

I learned to be independent

While moving on campus can mean catered meals and a cleaning service, not all accommodation on campus is the same. I lived at the Village, and it was perfect for me. I got to cook and decorate my apartment how I wanted it. It meant that I was able to make it my own without having to deal with landlords, separate utility bills and bad neighbours. By the time I moved out of the Village I was ready to deal with the rest of it.

My options were endless

Living on campus almost always means you’re in a built-up area with a lot at your fingertips. I could join clubs, gyms, societies and more, and I never had to walk more than 500m. Living on campus allows you to get immersed in the campus culture, and it’s an awesome way to get to know yourself and your interests as a young adult. You can try anything once.

I was never without help

Yes, you can feel lonely and homesick at first – but that definitely wears off. Something that always gave me great peace of mind was that there was a support service for everything. Even if you’re surrounded by friends, accommodation staff and RA’s, there’s also on-campus support for uni stress, money worries, employment services and heaps more. Living on campus meant that I was never alone if I didn’t want to be.

If I hadn’t lived at the Village I never would have known the people I know today, and that’s an alternate universe I don’t want to imagine. The experiences, the stories I get to tell, and the friends I’ve made are why those years of my life will be the most memorable, and I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.


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