how to nail uni break

How To Nail Uni-Break

Posted at 09 August 2016 in Village Life

Uni break tends to become synonymous with failed plans

Or at least it was for me. When I handed in my last assignment for the Semester, I was usually overcome with a sensation of endless possibility - possibility that came in the form of:

Watching every movie I could.

A lot.

Talking crap with friends that always ended in the lines "we should go on a road trip," or "let's make a bar bucket list." None of which we visited or did.

Ordering takeout almost every day.

While I had all these grand ideas of doing something with my time, I never followed through and usually spent my uni breaks re-watching Bridesmaids and eating leftover Pad Thai. While I thoroughly enjoyed those activities, I could do that any day during Semester - it's not exactly something you'll remember when you look back at the uni break and all the cool stuff you did. So here's how to not waste your Semester break. From someone who continually did exactly that.

Make plans with people who actually want to follow through

We've all got those friends who feed into your inactivity - yes, we should point the finger at ourselves first, but there's always one friend who has suggested at least once that "We should start a band" but has never picked up an instrument in their lives and consistently doesn't show up for plans they made with you. Don't make plans with these people. Make plans with people who are always coming to parties, making suggestions to hang out, and generally want to spend time with you - friends who want to hang out are the ones who follow through on plans.

Plan within your means

It's all well and good to say "let's go to Eyre's Rock!" but come on. You're not going to Uluru. Unless you somehow have an unwavering plan to do that - then cool, I stand corrected. But most of you aren't, so settle down. Keep an eye on your funds and head off to a place you can afford easily. It doesn't have to be New Zealand - just head up or down the coast with a few mates. It's an easy trip, you'll get some fresh air, and it won't cost you the world. Do some research of cool places to escape for the weekend, it's easier than you think.

You don't have to plan everything

Sometimes the best trips are the ones where you just hit the road and stumble across cool pubs and cafes along the way. You should never leave without some kind of plan, but if you stick to a tight timeline you might miss out on some things. The great thing about road-tripping in Australia is that there are some beautiful and totally random places to end up. As long as you're acting smart and keeping safe, you'll stumble across some great little places and hideaways.

Speaking of safety

If you do end up heading off somewhere for the Semester break, make sure you tell someone where you're going. There is nothing more unfortunate than getting lost and knowing that no one knows where you went. Tell your roommates, or let the Village staff know that you're heading off for a few days - it could help more than you know if you ever get stranded for whatever reason. Take money, a working phone and plenty of water - it's the small things that make a huge difference if something goes wrong! Not that it will, because you're careful.

Get back in one piece

If you're going to be gone for the entire Semester break, that's awesome! Just make sure you're not cutting it too fine. Getting back to the Village and having one shower and having to sit in a lecture hungover is pretty lame. Plan to get back a day or two before classes start and get settled before all the uni craziness starts again. Trust me - coming off the back of a big trip and having to switch into uni-mode is not fun. Give yourself some breathing space.

Enjoy it!

Another benefit of hitting the road - fresh air and a change of scene. Sometimes uni can get to you when the routine sets in. Blowing the cobwebs away is really good for your mental health, and seeing a bit of the coastline or countryside can be pretty therapeutic. If you do get away from the hustle and bustle of uni life, make the most of it. Relish in the small things. Take in the sunsets and good times.

Alternatively, if you are just planning on having a quiet one, or working during uni break, that's awesome too! Just make sure you're giving yourself the well-earned break you deserve in between shifts.

See you on the other side,


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