the biggest mistakes youll make this winter

The Biggest Mistakes You'll Make This Winter

Posted at 09 June 2016 in Village Life, Health & Wellbeing

Fish out your turtleneck. Winter is coming.

Generally students are quite strapped for cash, so as a result we’re not all that prepared when it comes to winter. While you may be in denial that the temperature is finally dropping below a comfortable 20 degrees (unless you’re Canberra, in which case winter started months ago), the cold season is upon us – and if you haven’t made these mistakes already, here are a few you’re definitely going to make as the change of season settles in.

You don’t have any money for winter clothes

Summer is easy because it usually means you can get away with wearing light cloth that resembles clothing and costs you less than a midnight run to Maccas. But when it starts to get cold you’ll notice – especially when you go looking for warmer clothes and realise you don’t have any. Always set a little bit of money aside for some decent winter wear, you’re gonna need it.

You thought Australian winters were like English summers

Nope. You were wrong. If you’re an international student, the general assumption is that our winters are not cold. Sure, the temperature is different depending on where you are in the country, but winter is winter – and the temperature will drop and you won’t know what hit you. Admittedly, it’s not like a Canadian winter, but we Australians are sooky when it comes to the cold, and if you got used to the hot weather you’re not going to like it when it goes away…

You let yourself get sick

Winter seems to be synonymous with head colds and the flu. If you’re avoiding the flu vaccine or eating like crap you will no doubt pay for it down the line. It’s hard not to get sick in the Village, especially when the bug starts to go around. Make sure you’re eating well and looking after yourself so to avoid becoming an incubus of viral plague.

You don’t drink water

Most of us don’t drink enough water in general, but winter seems to be the season of dehydration. We stop drinking water and start drinking hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. This is fine, but you can’t forget to drink water. Drink tea or carry a drink bottle around with you – your body needs hydration all year-round. This will also decrease your chances of getting sick.

You stop going outside

One upside to an Australian winter is that it’s still possible to go outside. Your eyelashes won’t freeze over (unless you’re outside in Canberra at 3am..) and if you’re sitting in the sun you’re most likely to warm up a little. It’s so easy to stop being active and getting the fresh air you need during winter – we tend to lock ourselves away, eat chocolate and watch Netflix for days on end. While that sounds like a glorious plan, make sure you’re getting outside once a day – just so people know you’re still alive in there…

Winter can be a really nice time of year, especially given you’re no longer sweating like a pig on public transport. For those of you who hate winter, stick to the above suggestions and you should make it through unscathed. Keep warm, stay hydrated and don’t eat like a toddler with an unhealthy love for Shapes. You’ll be right 


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