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New to the village? Here are some tips to help you settle in.

Posted at 13 February 2023 in Village Life

Adjusting to life as a new university student, away from home, can be a little overwhelming. There are many new faces to meet, including housemates, fellow village residents, lecturers, staff, and more. Many of you may have moved across states and even to a different country into your new student accommodation. Being away from family during these transitions can be tough when you’re so used to having them there. Introverts, you may feel like crawling into your shell - but know that other students are feeling the same way as you, and you are not alone! Life at the Village is great fun! You are about to be part of a vibrant, supportive community, so know that you will be welcomed with open arms here. Here are some tips to help you settle into your new village life!


Allow yourself to feel the nerves.

Allow yourself to feel all the feelings. Know how you feel is completely normal, warranted, and okay. You’re adjusting to the new and unknown...but know that this is an exciting transition! You’re about to embark on some of the best years of your life! So, turn the nerves into excitement and trust that it’s going to be a fun year! If you’re struggling, we have a friendly team on site who offer 24/7 support - whenever you need it.


Reach out to your housemates.

Sparking up conversations with housemates is a great place to start! Know that they are in the same boat as you and are likely to be feeling the same way. Make the effort to getting to know your housemates. Ask them questions about their lives, where they’re from and what their interests are. You could have far more in common than you think! Play games like Jenga, cards or Monopoly to help break the ice! This is a great bonding activity where you let your hair down, together.


Manage your finances.

Money is truly a security blanket. Do your best to keep your finances in order. Have an approximation of what you’ve got to spend each week and aim to keep to it! Make the most of student discounts, free events in your city and free events at the village, and work as much as possible during holiday periods.



Check out the events calendar.

Yes! Put that on-campus calendar to good use and take advantage of all on-campus and village events. Village events are lots of fun! This is a great way to mix and mingle with new people and get amongst your village community. Village BBQs, shared lunches and breakfasts are something we love here at CLV. I mean, who doesn’t love a shared meal?! Our team at UNSW Village sure know how to throw a mid-week resident dinner!


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