Enhance Your Life with Sport While at University

Posted at 09 January 2023 in Village Life, Health & Wellbeing

So, you’re new at Campus Living Villages student accommodation? We’re super happy to have you here with us in 2023, it’s going to be a fun and exciting year and we know exactly how to enhance your university experience – say hello to sports! Today we’re discussing all things sports, why they’re so good and how joining a sports team will help to enhance your life at university. Let’s get into it!


It’s a chance to meet new people

Adjusting to life at university can be daunting. Especially if you’ve moved to a new city or don’t know many people. Joining a sports team is a fantastic way to meet new faces. It will allow you to break down barriers and meet people from varying backgrounds and courses. Being part of a team where you work towards a common goal will help you to form long-lasting connections with others. Why stick to one friendship group? Branch out! Making new friends is what life on campus is all about. Plus, it’s great for your self-development.


Build on new talents

You don’t know until you try, right? Playing a weekly sport will allow you to build on your talents. If you find that you thoroughly enjoy playing a new sport, your weekly game will become a chance for you to further develop your skills(all while having fun with your teammates!)


A positive distraction from work or study

This is another reason why sports should be a fundamental part of your time at university. Use your sport of choice as a chance to blow off steam and focus on something other than work or study. If you’ve got exams or assignments looming over your head, use exercise as a chance to take your mind off things. A good sweat-out will ensure that you feel refreshed when it's time to study again!



Keep fit and keep your mental health in check

If you’re the kind of person who struggles to self-motivate yourself to get to the gym, then group sports could do wonders for you! If you’re a social butterfly who thrives in a community, group fitness is an awesome addition to your weekly routine. Exercise helps keep your mind clear and free of stress or overwhelm, while also helping to keep you physically fit.



Play a social game at your Village!

Did you know many of our Villages have basketball courts, volleyball courts and even pools on site? That’s right! You can enjoy some time with your mates out on a court or take a splash in the pool! Students of Murdoch University Village love to get outside and verse each other in Volleyball! While students of Griffith University Village sure know how to get around a basketball court. No matter where your Village is located - get outdoors and utilise the facilities. It sure makes for a lot of fun! 


We hope this has given you some motivation to get out and join a sports team this year! There are lots of competitive and social sports teams on offer at University and also here at Campus Living Villages – so get out there and enjoy it! It’ll be lots of fun. 

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