easy food swaps to help you survive the summer

Easy Food Swaps To Help You Survive The Summer

Posted at 27 October 2016 in Health & Wellbeing, Food & Drink

Lets face it, food rules everything we do.

And if it doesn’t, then you’re kidding yourself, because food is probably one of the greatest joys to grace the planet. Many of my most memorable days have something to do with a large selection of seafood, and if I go to a party I am almost exclusively the person lingering at the snack table. No shame, just a fact. While food takes up 80% of the better moments of my life, it’s very easy for us to forget when a healthier alternative is available. No, I don’t mean swap a Chicken Schnitzel for a garden salad (please, I’m not a monster) – I just mean that there are standard ingredients out there that are very easily incorporated into your meals so it’s not cutting years off your life. For example:

Fruit juice for fruit

While it’s refreshing AF, drinking OJ basically ensures you’re not getting any of the natural fibre content. The pulp and skin is usually removed from the juices you can buy at supermarkets. It also means there’s a lot more sugar included than you think. Skip the juice altogether and head to the fruit & veg aisle – you’ll feel fuller and you’ll actually be reducing your calorie intake*.

Pan-fry food instead of deep-frying

Yes, okay, I know deep-fried food is often the key to happiness, but in this case the happiness isn’t worth it if you only live to 45. You can still crisp the hell out of your food by pan-frying your veggies or meat in a skillet with cooking oil. Easy swap.

DIY your salad dressing

Now before you run in the other direction at the thought of any do-it-yourself task in the kitchen, calm down. Using basic oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing is a lot better for you than the processed dressings you can buy in the supermarket. A “less is more” approach to dressing will usually taste better, you’ll feel better, and you won’t be spending anywhere near as much money. You’re welcome.

Sour cream for Greek Yoghurt

If this one hadn’t already occurred to you, Greek Yoghurt serves the same purpose as most dishes that have sour cream, so you’re amping up the protein without too much of a change in taste, consistency, or price. Not to mention it’s less calories (if that’s what you’re counting). So yes, burrito’s are technically still on the menu…

Avocado instead of butter

I could sit here and write a whole blog on the great things that avocado does for the universe, but I don’t have that kind of time. Sure, butter lasts longer in the fridge, but if you buy under-ripe avocados and let them sit for a couple of days, you’ve instantly got a natural butter alternative, and it tastes amazing. Spread that bad-boy out over toast and add some sea salt.

Be ‘that guy’ in the restaurant

There is absolutely no shame in asking for a doggy bag when you can’t finish your meal in a restaurant. I did it for the entirety of my uni life and I still do it now. Often when we go out to dinner we tend to overeat because the food is just sitting there. When you realise you’re getting full, take the rest home! That’s your lunch sorted for tomorrow.

If food swaps aren’t your thing, check out this website that compares portions of food that equal 200 calories. I apologise in advance for all the shocking revelations you’re about to have about your all-to-frequent M&M binge (again, no judgement, I’m eating chocolate right now). 

Good luck,

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