Why It's Important To Keep Your LinkedIn Account Up-To-Date As a Uni Student

Posted at 22 June 2022 in Study & Career

Here at Campus Living Australia, we’re always thinking of ways that we can help our students. We want to share as much valuable advice as we can that are going to benefit our students long-term and this tip right here is an important one!

The question we have for you today is, have you created a LinkedIn account? If not, then read on! Getting a job as a university graduate isn’t always easy, but LinkedIn is a very effective tool that you can use to your advantage in this ever-increasing competitive job market.

So here's why we think it's essential to keep your LinkedIn account up-to-date and active as a uni student.


You need to begin building a professional network

You know the saying, "it's not what you know, it's who you know?" Once you leave University, that saying does run true. By making the conscious effort to grow your network early on, by connecting with other students, University Lecturers and people in your chosen field, you begin to expand your horizons and open yourself up to countless opportunities. Building your professional contact list is essential; if you make a good impression and show you have experience, potential employers may reach out to you if a suitable position comes available. What else? You also have the opportunity to put yourself out there and message the employer, letting them know just how eager you are for a position at their company. Do what it takes to stand out among the sea of graduates. Take the chance to make sure you're noticed. 


Upload a record of your University accomplishments as you go  

You just got an A on that assignment? Amazing! Now it's time to get that uploaded onto your LinkedIn profile! LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your University achievements while keeping track of everything along the way. Show employers what you're capable of and all the different subjects you delved into while at University. You can add your completed/passed papers & courses under your 'Courses' section, you can also add any University Awards under your 'Honours & Awards' section. 


Ask for a recommendation 

Recommendations are a great way to grow your LinkedIn profile and set you apart from other candidates. A written recommendation from a professional employer or university lecturer will be a perfect addition to your virtual CV (LinkedIn). Why? It shows employers that you can bring value to the workplace; and that other professionals value and trust you. A written recommendation will showcase what you're capable of and show recruiters and hiring managers that you're worth considering. 


Keep a record of your roles and responsibilities

Keep track of each role you've had, even since high school. I know you think your part-time servo job doesn't count as professional experience, but it shows your employer that you've been proactive and driven to make an impact, even from a young age. 

Keep track of any internship programmes you've been a part of, and list all causal summer jobs or nannying jobs. The more, the better with LinkedIn. Any role that has taught you something is worth keeping a record of. 

Our top tips

  • Take a professional profile picture.
  • Join groups and follow companies that you share an interest in
  • Don't be afraid to slide into the 'professional DM's' and speak directly to the CEO or hiring manager.
  • Once you've made a connection on LinkedIn, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call them. This is your perfect opening! 
  • Don't post and ghost. Aim to keep your profile updated.
  • Showcase your work: Written a new blog? Post it. Designed a new graphic. Share it. Created a new video? Upload it. 

You get the gist. Here's your sign to jump on Linked-In and create that account! Trust us when we say your future self will thank you. 

If you need any help with creating your LinkedIn Account, we have a pretty epic team that would love to help you out. We offer 24/7 support at our Campus Living Villages, so just sing out if you need a hand!

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