What You Need to Know About Working in Australia as an International Student

Posted at 29 November 2022 in Village Life, Study & Career

Are you thinking of moving down under to live in sunny Australia? Australia is a fantastic place for international students to work and study. Working while studying may be an excellent option to earn extra money, as you get a taste of the local culture! Here’s everything you need to know about working in Australia as an international student. 


How working can benefit you while you study

Working will not only provide you with some extra money, but it will also help to enhance your Australian experience. Working will teach you transferable skills that will look great on your CV. You’ll meet new friendly faces and will be able to find a good balance between work, life and study. The more you work, the more money you have to explore your new home! 


What's the minimum wage?

You will get a minimum hourly pay rate, no matter your job. The current minimum wage in Australia is AUD $21.38. This means you will be guaranteed to earn this amount per hour you work while here in Australia. Your employer may pay you more than this, depending on what industry you’re in. 


How many hours can you work? 

Usually, you can work up to 40 hours every two weeks while studying here in Australia with unlimited hours during holiday breaks. However, this rule is currently relaxed until June 30th 2023 – as shown here. This means that you can currently work as much as you like with no restrictions until then. However, we recommend putting your study first and only working hours feasible for you outside of study. 


Employee protection laws

Australia has employee protection laws in place that protect all Australian employees, including international students or those on temporary visas. 


The following laws protect all workers: 

  • A Tax File Number (TFN), apply for a tax file number here
  • Workers' Compensation: your employer must have insurance that protects you in case you are hurt or get sick at work. If something happens to you, your employer may pay for your medical treatment or your wages until you can work again. (source

  • Superannuation: by law, your employer must make superannuation contributions for you if you are eligible. Depending on your circumstances, this should be payable when you leave Australia. (source


What about your visa? 

There are various visa options available to international students here in Australia. 

a. The temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) allows you to temporarily live, work and study in Australia. You may be able to stay between 18 months to 5 years while on this visa. 

b. The Student Visa (subclass 500) allows you to live, work and study for up to 5 years in line with your enrolment in Australia. 


For immigration assistance and help with your student visa application, please click here for more information. 


What to organise before you arrive: 

  • Check your visa conditions. 
  • Keep important documents printed and handy
  • Ensure your passport is up to date
  • We recommend booking your university accommodation with us before you travel to Australia. We can reserve your room for you to make your transition to your new home as easy as possible. 
  • Have an emergency contact in Australia that you can contact for help.
  • Bring Australian currency with you when you arrive.
  • Bring some weather-appropriate clothing
  • Pack a coat
  • Travel adaptors for your electrical items.
  • Credit card (or Australian bank card)
  • Organise transportation such as a taxi or Uber from the airport to your Village, or if you'd like to take public transport, search out the Frequently Asked Questions for specific directions to your Village.


We offer well-rounded support to our international students. 

Here at Campus Living Villages, we aim to support all our students. We want to make the transition to Australia as seamless as possible for our international students. If you’re considering crossing the ditch and exploring sunny Australia – find out more about life on campus with us here. If you’re looking for international student accommodation near Melbourne, or student apartments in Sydney, we’ve got you covered!


Our Village Management Team and Resident Assistants are an important part of our Village community, providing coverage to our students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our onsite team are your first point of contact. We'll be there to answer any burning questions, from opening an Australian bank account and phone number, to where to go shopping for essentials or booking an appointment with a doctor. We're here to help you!



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