The Transition From Student Life to Work Life

Posted at 29 November 2022 in Study & Career

You’ve done it, you’ve made it through university, graduated, and now you’re sitting there thinking to yourself... What now? You’ve likely moved out of your university accommodation, maybe you’ve even moved cities. Life is shifting and changing. You’ve accepted that the days of sleep-ins are over, and now it's time to transition to the workforce, or as some would call it - “the real world”. There’s no doubt you’ll likely face some hurdles along the way, but don't worry, as we’ve got some valuable tips to help you get through.  


Accept that life is about to change. 

This is the first and most important step. From the moment you graduate, your life will begin to change. The morning commutes are going to be longer. The flexible schedule suddenly becomes structured. Friends will move or set off overseas. Understand that these changes are inevitable and will only be temporarily unsettling. You will become used to your new routine, you will form new daily habits and a new schedule. You will settle into your new life just like when you transitioned from high school to university. 


Know that university doesn’t always prepare you for the working world


One unsettling feeling when you leave university is that there are things that you aren’t prepared for. There will be interviews, rejections, challenges, negotiations and many new faces. There will be new tasks and a lot to figure out on your own, but it’s not all doom and gloom! There are so many exciting milestones ahead of you too. 


Know that finding employment may not be easy 

This is often something that graduates find hard to accept. “I studied for so long; why don’t I have a job yet?” There's a lot of competition, and that's the harsh reality of the initial job search. 


Here are our top pieces of advice: 

  • Don’t shy away from entry-level positions; you’ve got to climb to the top.
  • Be confident in yourself, your knowledge and your abilities.
  • Include a new and detailed cover letter for every job opportunity.
  • Apply for every opportunity.
  • Don’t be discouraged, and embrace rejection.
  • Take every failed interview as a positive learning experience. 


Be prepared for job offers and negotiations.

If you’re a lucky graduate, you’ll have multiple offers from interviews to consider. Don’t be afraid to negotiate your terms or your salary. You may have been interning throughout your degree, or maybe you have five years of experience working while studying in your chosen field. Know your worth, and be realistic within your expectations. Access the role, the work/life balance and the company's culture. Ultimately, make the decision you think will benefit your career progression the most in the long run. 


Your first job will not be your last 

This is another important point, don't be discouraged if your new job isn’t everything you thought it’d be. Take every new role as a learning experience to progress you towards your future goals. 


Trust the process 

You’re taking life into your own hands now. You may not have it all figured out, and that’s A-OK. Trust the process and know that things will eventually fall into place for you. It’ll take some time, but you are going to get there. 


We are so proud of our recent graduates for their determination and perseverance at university. We’re happy to have been there throughout the journey with you while at your student accommodation. We wish all students the best in their future endeavours!


From the team at Campus Living Villages.


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