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Quiz: What's Your Study Style?

Posted at 05 April 2016 in Study & Career

What’s your study style?

When exam period starts up it can get pretty stressful, especially when you’re cramming study like crazy and living off a Pringles and Red Bull diet. I take just about any excuse to eat crappy snack food, but some study habits are worse than others. So what’s your study style? Take the quiz to find out 

You’re a couple of weeks out from exam period and you’re doing a grocery shop. What’s aisle do you shop for your snacks in?

  1. Confectionery aisle! I’ll need to satisfy my sugar cravings.
  2. Health food aisle. I love me some granola bars mid cram-session.
  3. Fruit & veg section. A punnet of strawberries and a bag of apples is all I need!
  4. The frozen section. Midnight frozen pizzas are inevitable.

One week to go before your first exam. What do your notes look like?

  1. Colour coordinated and sticky-tabbed to perfection! I spent all night on making it look neat and pretty.
  2. Everything is in its proper place. Binders, folders, filing systems and Google calendars.
  3. Neatly organised and simplified so I can remember things easier!
  4. Notes? It’s all in my head, bro.

You need to buckle down for a long study session before a big exam. Where do you study?

  1. In Starbucks with friends!
  2. In my room with the door shut. No distractions and no socialising.
  3. In the library. The atmosphere motivates me to concentrate!
  4. I’ll put Netflix on and read over my notes in my apartment. I’m not stressed.

You need to prep meals for the week. What is your approach?

  1. Order Thai delivery each night! I don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Cook up a big stir-fry the week before and freeze it in individual servings for one.
  3. I’ll prep a little bit, but I’ll also take breaks to cook when I feel like it.
  4. I’m sorted. I bought frozen pizza a couple of weeks ago.

You’re feeling pretty stressed out. What do you do to de-stress?

  1. Eat chocolate and watch movies.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Socialise with friends and get fresh air.
  4. Play video games for a few hours.

You’re in the middle of exam week. What is your bed time?

  1. 12am
  2. 10pm
  3. 9pm
  4. 3am

You get up early to rush to an exam. What’s for breakfast?

  1. A fruity smoothie. I bought on the way to the exam room.
  2. Cereal, toast, coffee and a Berocca. I can’t take any chances.
  3. Some toast and a coffee to go.
  4. I don’t eat breakfast.

How’d you go?

Mostly 1’s

While you’re invested in your studies, it’s probably not a bad idea to alter a few things. Sugary snacks and distracting study environments don’t always make for the best combination. Try opting for less sugary options and dividing your study sessions up into social study and alone-time study. That way you’re guaranteed some concentration!

Mostly 2’s

Whoa! That’s a pretty intense regime. While it may work for you academically, don’t forget to cut yourself some slack and have some relaxation time! Your health is just as important – if not more important – than your exam marks, so make sure you strike the right balance.

Mostly 3’s

Great! You seem to be doing most things in moderation and that’s fantastic. Taking time out to visit friends, cook a home-cooked meal or get regular fresh air is so important during exam time. If it works for you, keep going!

Mostly 4’s

Hmmm. Might wanna take a few tips from the ‘2’s and ‘3’s people! Try to put yourself in situations where you don’t have a choice but to put your head down. Go sit in the library so you won’t be tempted by distractions, or get your roommate to hide your game console until you’ve completed a few hours of decent study. It’s hard to get into good habits, but everyone starts somewhere!

Don’t worry too much. If you’re set in your ways and it’s working for you then you’re fine! If it’s not broken don’t break it 

 As always, make sure you’re doing everything in moderation – exam time is stressful, so look after yourselves and good luck!

See you next week,

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