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Personality Quiz - What Kind Of First Year Are You?

Posted at 06 September 2018 in Village Life

What kind of first year do you think you'll be when you start uni? Take our quiz to find out!

What do you think is the most important quality in a university?

A. Reputation & quality of education.

B. Interesting courses.

C. Social opportunities.

D. Sports teams

Your typical Thursday night consists of…

A. Studying for next month’s exams.

B. Rushing to finish your assignment due at midnight.

C. Drinking with friends (it’s practically Friday…).

D. A gym session followed by a steak (#gains)

You’re hungry… which food do you choose?

A. A well-balanced salad with seeds, superfoods and the right amount of each food group.

B. Something cheap and vaguely healthy.

C. Left-over pizza from last night, you’re too hungover to cook.

D. Protein, protein and more protein

Which bathroom product are you going steal?

A. I would never steal.

B. You wouldn’t normally steal but you forgot to buy conditioner and your housemate won’t notice if you take a small amount just this once….

C. Toilet paper from your lecture building.

D. Deodorant… you’re doing everyone a favour!

Your preferred way to crack the ice at a party?

A. You don’t do parties, they distract you from your studies.

B. Start conversations by asking people where they’re from, what they’re studying and what they want to do after uni.

C. Turn up with a tray of jelly shots.

D. Arrive with your friends from footie, netball or volleyball training so you don’t have to awkwardly make new friends

So what do your answers mean?!

Mostly As

The Distinction Dawg

You're here to nail those top of the class grades. You are goal focussed and looking forward to your career ahead when you graduate. But did you know that employers love to hire people with more than just top grades on their CV's? While you're at University, make the most of opportunities to gain all kinds of life experiences, from volunteering, to living independently, to joining sports and social clubs. This will also look great on your CV.

Mostly Bs

The All-Rounder

You want to do well at uni but you know how important it is to look after yourself, and this means time to relax, unwind and enjoy the uni lifestyle too. You get your work done on time (just about…) but you also want to make friends. For you, it’s all about finding a work-life balance to make sure your social life doesn't get in the way of study, but compliments it.

Mostly Cs

The Party Animal

You're here to have a great time, and you'll get around to studying... eventually! While you'll have a lot of great stories and life experiences to shape your future, it might be time to get real with yourself and ask some big questions. When it comes to exam time, are you going to end up being a bundle of stress trying to cram a semester worth of study into a week? If that rings some honesty bells, think about how you can cram in a little more study now, to save you a whole lot of stress later. Put in 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon, and you'll feel a whole lot better when you're out with your mates on Saturday night - you earned it! 

Mostly Ds

The Athlete

You're kicking goals (literally) and you’re super healthy. Good for you! Just remember to balance your commitment to exercise with studying and some healthy socialising. Life is there to be enjoyed!

A mix of As, Bs, Cs and Ds…

Congratulations! You’ve somehow managed to be a hard-working, extra-curricular smashing and extremely sociable student whilst also staying healthy in mind and body to keep up with it all. You are the holy grail of humans, and you probably lied in some of your answers…

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