personalise your new room 6 cheap and easy ways to decorate your space

Personalise Your New Room: 6 Affordable & Easy Ways to Decorate Your Space

Posted at 15 February 2021 in Village Life

Moving into your own room is very exciting! You finally have your own little space to call home. There are many easy, affordable ways for you to decorate that space and make it yours! We’ve collected some handy tips and tricks to help unleash your inner interior designer. 

Create a Pinterest Board

The first step is having an idea of what you want your new room to look like! Pinterest is the perfect source for inspiration. Browse boards to find a theme or colour scheme that you enjoy. Or if you already know what you want, search that particular aesthetic to see what other people have done. 

When you have an idea of what you’re after, it makes shopping for supplies, sheets and decorations much easier. Plus, you won’t be too tempted to grab random items that look intriguing on the shelf. 

Decorate your wall with tapestries 

The walls of dorm rooms and accommodations can look quite bare and uninviting. One of the best ways to quickly get some colour and excitement up is with a tapestry. You can easily find them online and there are tapestries of all sorts available! 

Whether you like old school tapestries with beautiful mosaic patterns, or ones with colourful landscapes or even ones that have painted portraits on them – there’s an option for every aesthetic. Adding a tapestry to your wall will instantly bring a little bit of personality to any room. 

Invest in fun lighting 

Most rooms come with the standard light on the ceiling. One way to make your space more exciting and cosier is to invest in fairy lights, projection lights or lamps. 

Fairy lights are a great way to make your space feel warm, cosy and inviting. If you want something enchanting and other-worldly, you can get a star projector night light. Or if you want to create an elegant and classic vibe, salt lamps are a great one for your room to have a warm, amber globe. 

Mood lighting will make nights in your room fun, exciting and feel like you’ve created a little enclave of comfort for yourself. 

Use storage boxes 

Storage boxes are a great way to conserve space in your room! You can use them to store shoes and socks so they can be kept under the bed, or even just to divide the space up in your cabinets for better organisation. 

When you manage to store your things properly, you’ll have more space around the room for little knick knacks and souvenir items. These little things are a great way to display your personality and show off your quirks and interests. 

Get some plants

Adding greenery to your bedroom is one of the best ways to lift the energy of the room! If you don’t trust yourself to take care of living plants, there are many artificial plants available that you can use as a placeholder. 

Add Paintings & Posters 

One of the most cost-efficient ways to decorate your room is with cool paintings and beautiful posters of your favourite band, TV shows or artists. Not only does it fill your walls with wonder and inspiration, it’s a great taste of your personality to anyone who walks into your space! 

You can easily print them out yourself at the printers or order some online. If you’re willing to make the extra effort there are heaps of vintage stores and op-shops that can provide some fascinating finds. 

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