one last hurrah a graduates guide to milking student benefits

One Last Hurrah: A Graduates Guide To Milking Student Benefits

There’s a lot of benefits to being a student.

And it all becomes abundantly clear when you don’t get access to them anymore. A lot of you are going to graduate soon. You’ve finished your final exams, you’ve got some time to kill over summer before you jump head first into a job, a new project or go travelling. There’s a lot of living to be done between end-of-exams and the day university officially kicks you off their ‘student’ list. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

Get all your drug prescriptions

Why? Because on-campus doctors’ offices usually bulk bill and the moment you’re no longer a student they will start charging you roughly $40-50 for a standard appointment. Sure, you can get a rebate, but it won’t be free. And that’s a tragedy. Head in there and get your check-ups done, for the discount, if nothing else…

Cash in on cheap public transport

It differs in each state, but there is generally a discount on student public travel, and once that goes you’ll be paying almost double the price. I held on to my Student Opal Card (Sydney) for dear life, and when they told me it was going to be cancelled it was like my youth was being pried from my hands. Want to take that day trip you keep talking about? Do it. Do it now.

Make the most of student discounts

I’m talking ASOS, the Iconic, that burger joint down the road, the uni bar happy hour. These are all the perks that come with being a student, of which you are no longer, so make the most of it ASAP. You’ll be saving money on clothes and all the things you want by purchasing them now rather than paying full price later. You’ve been a student for a while now, so you know it all adds up. You’re about to become a working member of society, and society doesn’t give you free stuff.

Sleep in

Sleep will become more precious than anything you could possibly cherish in your damn life. Working full time means a strict schedule, and if you don’t get your sleep, you’re pretty much screwed. This may be the last time in your adult life where you get weeks of sleeping in – let that sink in. Allow yourself the time to really catch up on sleep, especially after all that hard work you did to pass exams. You’ve earned it.

Spend time outdoors

As soon as I graduated I went right in to full time work. That was always my plan, and I’m happy I did it, but I didn’t realise how little time it would give me to just enjoy what was at my fingertips. I’m busy, so I don’t get the opportunity to go to the beach on a weekday when no one is around, or brunch on a Thursday because I don’t have plans. It’s the small freedoms that you’ll miss once you start your next big project or job. Make the most of it while you have the time.

My point in all this is that you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and at the moment you’ve got a whole lot. Remember to enjoy the time between your degree and your career. Starting the next chapter is fun, but give yourself the break you deserve – and maybe score a few more free packets of Mi Goreng before you’re done. 

Happy freebie hunting,

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