New Year, New Resolutions: Student Edition.

Posted at 02 January 2023 in Health & Wellbeing

The New Year is the perfect time for goal setting. So, you know what that means…It’s time to think about some goals and resolutions for the year ahead! Here are 10 resolutions to add to your list for a productive and successful year at university.


1. Drink more water

We know this may sound cliche, but it’s very important (that’s why it's number one on the list). Make it your mission to drink more water this year! Water is important for your health and your mind. Dehydration leads to brain fog and unclear thinking…and who wants that? If you want to feel refreshed all day long at university, up your water intake! You’ll thank yourself for it.


2. Clean for 10 minutes per day

Have you ever heard of the saying “a clear space creates a clear mind.”? It’s true, in fact, it’s proven that a clean space promotes comfort and supports emotional well-being. This means that the cleaner your space is, the better you’ll feel and perform in your day-to-day life. A clean space will help to support you through stressful times, like during exam week. By cleaning your space for just 10 minutes a day, you’ll create a clutter-free space that will help to improve your clarity, focus and overall happiness. Plus, your housemates at your student village will love you for it.


3. Prioritise your sleep

Quality sleep is essential to your health and well-being and will help you to succeed while at work and university. Most health professionals recommend 8-9 hours of sleep per night for adults. However, we know during times of stress our sleep can be disrupted and put to the back of our minds. Don’t let study get in the way of your sleep this year. Ditch the all-nighters and opt for a cosy night in - your results will speak for themselves.


Here are some tips for a night of good sleep:

  • Take some time to unwind before bed
  • Ditch the screen at night
  • Read a good book
  • Get regular exercise
  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule


4. Perfect one recipe

This is a good one! Find a recipe from a well-known chef, create the recipe, and master it. Then make it and again until it becomes part of your vocabulary. Then when you have friends over for a meal at your student accommodation, no stress - you’ve got this down pat. Students at UNSW Village love their dinner parties! Although, students of Macquarie Uni Village are giving them a run for their money with their potluck dinner events!


5. Call your loved ones more

If you’ve moved out of home and into university accommodation this year, we know that it’s all very fun and exciting! So much fun that we can be immersed in our own lives and forget to stop and connect with those who mean the most to us. So, reach out to your mother, your father, your grandparents, your siblings, your cousins, or an old friend. It sure will mean the world to them, and it will make you feel good too.  


6. Stop buying coffees

This is a life hack that feels illegal to know but did you know you could save money by making coffee at home? Shocker right, but in all seriousness, your wallet will thank you for it.


7. Have a goal to work towards

What do you want to get out of this year? Do you want to get straight A’s? Put yourself out there and make new friends? Or maybe excel in your sport? Whatever it may be, set a goal towards it and go for it! You can do it!


8. Be kind to yourself

A little kindness goes a long way.  Talk kindly to yourself. Think about how you speak to the people you love, and care about, and then turn that voice on yourself. Then watch as you transform into a happier, more confident you!


9. Learn from your failures

We’re here to tell you that everything is going to be okay. Don’t let your failures get you down, take this as extra motivation to get back up and try again.


10. Exercise daily

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again - daily exercise will change your life, seriously! Just read our blog on How Working Out Helps to Keep You Feeling Refreshed here.

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