How You Can Get Involved On Campus

Starting life at a new campus can be daunting. With so much to take in and so many new faces, things can often feel overwhelming; but not to worry, you’re not alone!  Getting involved on campus is the perfect way to meet new people and enhance your University life experience. So here at Campus Living Australia, we’re giving you our top tips on how you can get involved on campus. 

Explore and see what committees/clubs can offer you


There are lots of committees, clubs and sports teams on campus. Attend team meetings to see what they’re all about and the vibe. From here, you’ll get a better understanding of the culture, what’s involved, what the schedule is like and if it’s something that you want to get involved in. Turning up to the first meeting or team evening is the first step; attend, and you’re halfway there!


Get involved early on

That’s right, getting involved without hesitation is the best option when exploring a new campus. Far too often, we leave opportunities, and out of fear, we miss out. By ignoring opportunities as they arise, we limit ourselves and our experiences. Raise your hand, get involved; what have you got to lose? 

Join with a friend

If you’re humming and haring about joining that netball or basketball team, but you love the sport and have a friend who is also keen on playing… Grab a friend from your Campus Living Village accommodation and join together! It’s the perfect way to enjoy a sport you love with a friend you also enjoy hanging out with. What’s not to love? 

Sport/exercise is the perfect escape from studying and will help give you the mental boost you need to carry on; it’s also fun and super social! Why not start a team with friends from your student accommodation?

Sometimes all you need is a good time with friends to help de-stress, unwind and let your hair down.


Know that others are in the same boat as you


I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true; others are in the same boat as you, and more often than not, they feel the same way you do. Attend those social events; it’s a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet like-minded people. You never know unless you try. 


Just do it 


Nervous about joining? As good Nike once said – Just Do It! Come on, what have you got to lose? 

By experimenting and attending different clubs and committee meetings, you can find out what you’re most interested in and what you want to do. If something is calling your name, go for it! You won’t regret it!

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