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How to Identify Your Skills and Abilities for the Workforce

Posted at 29 September 2022 in Study & Career

For many of us, transitioning from student life to the workforce can seem daunting. We’re reaching an end of an era to begin an unfamiliar yet exciting time in our lives. There will be a lot to learn, new faces to meet and a new daily schedule. But first, we need to identify our skills and abilities for the workforce. Here at Campus Living Villages, we want to ensure that our students feel supported through these transitions. If you need a helping hand, our team is here to help you make your CV look irresistible! Today we’re touching on the importance of transferable skills and how to identify them for the workforce. Grab a pen, pour yourself a cuppa and let’s get into it. 


What are transferable skills?  

Transferable skills are something that you can take from one job to another. Or, in this case, skills that you can take from University to the workforce. For instance, the ability to communicate with others and share ideas and opinions. The ability to work in a team - are all examples of transferable skills. We all have a set of hard and soft skills that we can transfer to the workforce. 


Let’s discuss the difference between soft skills and hard skills.  


What are soft skills? 

Your soft skills refer to your character traits and interpersonal skills that influence how well a person can work and interact with others. (Page, M). Some examples of soft skills are adaptability, teamwork, communication, time management and empathy. Soft skills are essential and crucial in your career and career progression. 


How to identify your soft skills

To identify your soft skills, first, think about your character. What’s your personality like? Are you bubbly? A good communicator? Are you good with people? Write these down to begin your list of soft skills. 

These are skills that are not role-specific. 

Think about how you are when it comes to dealing with conflict. Are you comfortable having tough conversations and communicating how you feel? Can you adapt quickly to new situations? 

Answering these questions will help you identify your soft skills. 


What are hard skills? 

“Hard skills are role-specific abilities that you’ve learned through education, training, or experience.” (Scott, D. 2021). These are the things that you do in your role. For instance, the list goes on: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Data Analysis, etc.


How to identify your hard skills

For university students, it can be a little challenging to begin to identify hard skills vs soft skills. Here are some things that can make it easier for you. Have you held a part-time job while at university? What did it involve? Have you completed an internship? These roles include skills you can identify and use on your CV. Reflect on your education, work experience and skills you’ve gained in daily life. 


For instance, your computer skills, literacy, coding ability, Microsoft Office Skills, Analytical skills, etc. If you’re still feeling a little stuck - gather with a group of friends at your student accommodation and discuss your hard and soft skills together. 


It’s important to note that you will build on both your soft and hard skills once you enter the workforce. Employers won’t expect you to have it all figured out just yet. They know you’re a graduate and will learn on the job. Aim to show that you’re determined, hard-working and eager, and you will ace it!


Good luck!

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