first time living out of home the life skills you must know

First Time Living Out of Home? The Life Skills You Must Know!

Posted at 01 September 2020 in Village Life

Finally moving out of home is a big step and an exciting one at that. Moving out of home gives you a sense of freedom, independence and the space for you to grow into your own person. It is a chance for you to finally develop your identity and experience being a proper adult. 

However, it can also be overwhelming and slightly scary. As wonderful as it is to be in your own space, you are leaving behind the comfort and security you are so used to. Here, we have some essential skills that will help you in your journey to adulthood—especially if it’s your first time living out of home. 

#1 Financial Literacy & Managing Your Money 

Moving into your own place means getting to create the home of your dreams, but there is also a lot of financial management involved. You now have to pay your rent, utilities, make sure you have enough money for groceries and essentials as well as making sure you have some money leftover for recreational activities. 

To make sure you are on top of everything, create a budgeting sheet and make note of when bills and utilities are due. If you are able to, consider a direct debit system to make sure you don’t miss out on any payments. Keeping track of finances is a must-have skill to ensure you don’t over spend. 

#2 Home Maintenance

If you are renting or living in student accommodation, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance as it is the duty of your landlord or service provider to sort out most issues. Regardless, it is still useful to understand basic home maintenance practices. 

Some key things to know: 

It can also be handy to keep a toolkit and first aid kit in your home to ensure you are prepared for any situation. 

#3 Cleaning & Household Chores 

Living at home you might have only had to do a few basic chores. However, once you have a place of your own or are living with other people, it’s important you take steps to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your home. 

Every household will have different cleaning needs, but the key step is to establish a weekly and monthly cleaning routine. For a smoother process, try cleaning room by room to give yourself some structure and the ability to take short breaks between each room. 

Some simple ways you can reduce the hassle of cleaning up is to clean as you go. Make sure you tidy the kitchen once you’re done cooking, remove any dirt or stray hairs when you’re done with the shower, give your home a little wipe down once you’re done having guests over. 

This way you won’t have a long list of things to clean when your weekly routine comes around.

#4 Laundry 

Laundry is one of those chores that can seem daunting, but it is inescapable. Once you know what to do, it’ll become a simpler process. 

The first step is to ensure you’re reading the labels on your clothes, especially if they are made from any fabric that isn’t cotton. Some fabrics are dry clean only, while others can only be washed with cold water. Take note of these warnings to ensure you don’t damage any of your clothing items. 

The next thing to be aware of is how often you should be washing to avoid over wash. Professionals suggest jeans and outwear, such as jackets only need to be washed after two to three wears. And your bed sheets can go as long as two weeks before needing a wash. 

Once you are aware of how you need to do washing and how often it needs to be done, you can create a laundry schedule that works for your closet! 

Out of Home Living Made Simple with Campus Living Villages 

These are merely some of the life skills you learn and develop when living out of home. If you want to be part of a community that is going through the same journey as you, why not opt for living at one of the stunning Campus Living Villages properties across the globe. 

You’ll have the space to be independent, while also having the community support of many others to make the experience much more enjoyable.  

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