did you know that there are over 500000 international students in australia

Did You Know That There Are Over 500,000 International Students In Australia?

Posted at 19 November 2018 in Village Life, Study & Career

If you’re considering studying abroad in Australia, you might be interested to know that the number of international students reached an all-time high earlier this year.

The Department of Education reported a combined 542,054 enrolments between Australian universities, private colleges, English language courses, and schools across Australia in February. According to the government’s figures, 31% of these students come from China with large numbers also coming from India, Nepal, Malaysia and Vietnam. There has also been a recent rise in numbers from Brazil and Colombia.

So whether you’re looking to broaden your horizons by learning about various cultures, or feeling homesick and want to meet some new friends from your home country, there now more opportunities to do so than ever before!

But what can you do to make the most out of Australia’s diverse culture and meet other overseas students?

 Talk To Your Classmates 

A great thing about moving to Australia as a student is that there are endless opportunities to meet other people. The easiest of which is through your studies. Make friends with your classmates. Invite them for a coffee or a drink after class or suggest a study group. No matter who your fellow classmates are and where they are from, there is at least one thing you have in common and that is the class you are in. Make the most of this common ground!

 Join a club

Another great way of meeting people with similar interests is by joining a club. Whether that’s a chess club, sports team or a hiking group, you can bond with likeminded people over shared interests. And if you can’t find a club for your favourite activity or hobby within your university, why not start your own?

 Choose your student accommodation wisely 

Why make life difficult for yourself by living in any old student room in Australia? There are plenty of options specifically for overseas students looking for accommodation which will allow you to meet other people on your doorstep!

Whether it’s off-campus student housing or an official international students residence, pick an option that allows you to meet students in a similar situation. Whether that’s Australian or international students, living in affordable apartments for college students allows you to meet people who are studying just like you.

When selecting university student housing, however, make sure you opt for reputable companies. Although Australia is a safe country overall, there are some individuals who are renting rooms to international students in order to make quick and easy money. The cost of living in Australia for international students and the cost of living in Australia for students, in general, can be challenging without landlords taking advantage. Avoid these by choosing companies who specialise in student housing in Australia to ensure you have safe and high-quality housing.

Meet your neighbours

Once you’ve selected a place providing accommodation for overseas students, make sure you get to know your neighbours. Socialising with your housemates and neighbours is a fantastic way to make friends easily!

 How to find international student accommodation

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Australia for students or rooms for foreign students, check out our village locations. Or to learn about our V1 – First Year Uni Program (which is dedicated to helping students make friends, feel at home and excel in their academic and social lives), head to our website or contact us for more information.

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