Peter De Vera

On Campus in the Pandemic: Peter De Vera

Posted 11 January 2021 in Village Life
It’s safe to say that 2020 didn’t go how anyone planned, especially not students. We chatted to some of our residents to find out what studying in a pandemic was like, and their experience with Campus Living Villages. ##Peter De Vera Peter was in his first year of a Master of Data Science in 2020 and lived in Macquarie University Village. ###What was it like to be a student during a pandemic? Transitioning to an online platform was a bit jarring and took a lot of adjustment. Being used to traditional face-to-face learning and then being forced to go online had some challenges and wasn't that conducive to better learning. I had to learn to adapt and deal with the new normal in terms of learning and studying. ###What were your biggest challenges studying during a pandemic? Having been forced to do online learning, the biggest challenges I faced was focus. Being at home and just learning through online materials, I sometimes wandered off and kept pushing things back. Time management also became an issue since there wasn't a concrete schedule to follow anymore. ###What were your biggest worries or concerns during the pandemic? I had to worry about my wellbeing a lot. I was affected emotionally, mentally and especially financially. I didn't think I could make it in 2020. What was living at Macquarie University Village like during the pandemic? It gave me a safe refuge during the pandemic and gave a me glimpse of hope that everything can be alright. The staff were considerate and helpful. I love that Redfrogs came to provide hampers for tenants. I made good friends with my housemates – I’m fortunate to have great housemates ###What was the best thing about staying in the Village throughout the pandemic? Meeting new friends! ###What are you looking forward to in 2021? To return back to campus as normal. To experience the real university life at Macquarie Uni!

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