a definitive list of things that will eat your money on nye

A Definitive List Of Things That Will Eat Your Money On NYE

Posted at 05 December 2016 in Village Life, Food & Drink

Alright guys, it’s crunch time.

Pens down. Listen. New Years Eve is officially 25 days away. If your bank account somehow manages to survive the hell you reign on it at Christmas, you’ll be only slightly prepared for the second wave: whatever you do to bring in 2017. Check your bank balance, now look at me. Now look back at your bank balance, then back to me – do as I say and this will work out:

Don't spend all your money between Christmas and NYE

This is important. You have 5 days between Christmas and New Years Eve – all you have to do is not blow your money between those days. Can you do that? Yes you can. Christmas presents can drain your money, but you know what’s more draining? Realising it’s NYE and you can only afford a soft serve at Macca’s because you spent your last hundy on a pair of sunnies you didn’t need*. (Didn’t understand that? See here for compulsory viewing).

*Translation: Realising it’s New Years Eve and you can only afford ice cream from McDonald’s because you spent your last $100 on a pair of sunglasses. 

“Uber surge pricing 10.5x”

Put the phone down… Carefully. Okay. Deep breath. Feel better? Good.

Have you got $100 to spare on an Uber surge? No. Find a plan B.

You don’t need that much alcohol

Of my experiences trying to find the perfect place to spend New Years for the night, I always found I was carrying around more alcohol than I even got to drink. Yes, it’s something to celebrate, and you should celebrate! But buying two bottles of vodka and a 6-pack is probably a bit excessive, unless you’re planning on supplying it to a few friends. Don’t blow your money on an excessive amount of alcohol – you’re going to need some cash for the morning-after Macca’s run, and you’ll praise yourself for it when you’re craving an all-day-breakfast hash brown.

Cover charges, cover charges everywhere

If you’re living in a city that likes to hike up the price of stepping through the front door coughSYDNEYahem you’re probably not going to want to venture too far into the CBD. Fireworks, festivities and events are inevitable on the night, and if you’re going to check it out, that’s awesome! But if you’re not, a word of advice: stay back. It costs money to get in, and even more to get home after midnight. A large proportion of the population will have booked out their swanky seats watching the fireworks about 12-months in advance, so unless you’re planning on heading down to the venue hours before the show starts, pick a spot at a comfortable distance from the chaos to kick back with your mates.

New Years Eve is a fun night, as long as you’re not hitting it too hard and you stick with your mates. Just stay safe and make sure you’ve got enough money to get yourself home when the celebrating is done.

The countdown begins.

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