Life In The First Few Weeks

UVO 9915

Welcome Home!

We hope you’ll use this as a guide to make the transition to your new home go smoothly so you may enjoy every aspect of your stay! Here, you will find some general information about  your new home and new life here at the village.

You may also receive additional documents & special directions at check in.

To Do Before Move-In

Your first installment must be paid preferably online, by money order, or check at least 48 hours in advance prior to check in. Cash is not accepted.

Review all community policies prior to arrival

Change your mailing address

Move In Wisdom

It’s easier to unpack when you can clearly identify your items.
Break down boxes when they are empty and throw them in the provided trash areas.

You’ll want it for moving your boxes and larger items. The Village will be unable to provide you with dollies or hand trucks at move-in.

Come prepared with your building and room number ahead of time - you’ll need to know this before you start moving your belongings.
You will receive e-mail communication from your new home ahead of check-in, so be sure to stay up to date and provide us with an e-mail address you use regularly!

Don’t forget to make note of your student’s address - that way, you can send personalized mail and packages!
Example: 4444 Cullen Blvd, Apt XXX, Houston TX 77004

Staying hydrated is essential to staying healthy while moving into your new home.

Pack cleaning supplies on top. Even though our housekeeping staff will make your home sparkle and shine, before move in lots of folks like to do their own touch-up before unpacking.

Running into a challenge with the mechanics of your apartment?

We’ve got you covered! All you have to do is submit a maintenance request through the online student portal or contact the office for a work order and your issue can be resolved during business hours! For emergency maintenance situations, you can get help 24/7! All you have to do is contact the on call RA number for assistance.

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Keep it clean!

Your space is a reflection of you! Always keeping your place tidy and clean can help ensure you feel happy and healthy in your home. We recommend always keeping tabs on your specific apartment features and how often they’ve been cleaned!

UNF 7549

You, your roommates, and visitors should always remain as aware as possible! Keep in mind the following safety reminders

Personal Safety Tips

Be alert for strangers and always report suspicious activity to 911 and/or the campus police.

Double-check to make sure all existing locks and latches are working and notify management immediately if these security devices are not working. Don’t give others the impression that you are not home (notes on door, newspapers not picked up, etc.)

Carry some kind of flashlight or illumination with you (easy key chain addition). Carry your keys in your hand while walking, whether it is daylight or dark.

Do not contact the leasing office first or answering service as this could result in critical delays in response time. When you can safely do so, please notify the RA on duty, and advise the RA responsible for your area of the community, or other appropriate on site personnel.