Respect at CLV

What to do

Reporting disrespectful behaviour
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What can you do if you have seen or experienced disrespectful behaviour, including sexual harassment or sexual assault?


In the first instance, it is important to protect your own safety. If you do not feel safe, contact Campus Security (scroll down for numbers), the Village Duty Manager or the Police on 000 in Australia

Second, we encourage you speak to the Village Team.


If you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or sexual assault, we encourage you to speak to a member of our Village Team as soon as possible, so we can support you through it and investigate any form of disrespectful behaviour in the Village.


Where to get immediate help at your University or Village

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm):

ECU Mt Lawley: 08 6202 1100 and press #2

ECU Joondalup: 08 6202 1110 and press #2

ECU Bunbury: 08 6202 1120 and press #2

After Hours

ECU Mt Lawley: 08 6202 1100 and press #2

ECU Joondalup: 0488 225 164

ECU Bunbury: 0488 225 810


University Security 
+61 8 6304 3333


University Support
+61 8 6304 6706 or

The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)
+61 8 9340 1828 or 1800 199 888 (free from landline) all hours

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 07 5560 6190 and press #2

After Hours: 0402 548 975


University Security
1800 800 707


University Support
Priority appointments (business hours) – Counsellor, Violence Response and Prevention
07 5552 9600

Griffith Mental Wellbeing Support Line (24/7)
1300 785 442 or text 0488 884 146


University Reporting

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 02 8024 6010 and press #2

After Hours: 0422 144 428


University Security
02 9850 9999 (emergencies) or 02 9850 7112


University Support
Counselling – Student Wellbeing
02 9850 7497 or 1800 227 367 (24/7)


University Reporting
Student Care and Report Network

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 08 6202 1130 and press #2

After Hours: 0414 352 007


University Security
Murdoch Security Office: 08 9360 6262
Emergency numbers:
Perth – 08 9360 7333
Mandurah – 08 9582 5555 
Rockingham – 08 9360 7333

University Support
Perth – 08 9360 1227
Mandurah – 08 9582 5501

University Reporting

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 03 8374 6950 and press #2

After Hours: 0466 306 906


University Security
Emergency – 03 9925 3333
General inquiries (24/7)
03 9925 3895
03 9925 2396


University Support

University Reporting
03 9925 2396 or

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 

SCU Coffs Harbour: 02 8024 6025 and press #2
SCU Lismore: 02 8024 6020 and press #2

After Hours: 

SCU Coffs Harbour: 0402 072 552
SCU Lismore: 0401 720 322


University Security
026620 3333 (Lismore/Gold Coast/ National Marine Science Centre) or 1800 004 357 (Coffs Harbour)


University Support
1300 782 676 (After hours Crisis Counselling Support Line)
Coffs Harbour: 02 6659 3263
Gold Coast: 07 5589 3252
Lismore: 02 6626 9131
The Hotel School Sydney: (02) 8249 3227 –
The Hotel School Melbourne: (03) 9601 3400 –


University Reporting
Workplace Health and Safety Team
02 6620 3651 or 02 6626 9143
Complaints Assistance Officer
02 6620 3849
Student Safety Support and Wellbeing Coordinator

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 03 8374 6950 and press #2

After Hours: 0466 306 906


University Security
03 8344 6666 or 1800 246 066
Security escort service – 03 8344 6666 or 1800 246 066


University Support
Safer Community Program or 03 9035 8675

Unisafe App

03 8344 6927

After-hours (24/7) mental health crisis support
1300 219 459
0480 079 188


University Reporting
03 9035 8675

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 02 8024 6080 and press #2

After Hours: 0422 395 499


University Security
02 9351 3333 or (1800 SYD HLP) 1800 793 457


University Support
Safer Communities Office (Student Liaison Officers)
02 8627 6808 (Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm) or (1800 SYD HLP) 1800 793 457 (Option 2, then Option 1)

02 8627 8433 or (1800 SYD HLP) 1800 793 457

After hours mental wellbeing support line
1300 474065 (accessible within Australia) or text 0488 884 429 (for sms chat option)

RPA Sexual Assault Service
02 9515 9040 or after hours 02 9515 6111


University Reporting
(1800 SYD HLP) 1800 793 457 or

Village Team

Call Reception (During Office Hours - 9am-5pm): 02 8024 6030 and press #2

After Hours: 0422 111 754


University Security

Emergency assistance
02 9385 6666

02 9385 6000


University Support

02 9385 5418
For Canberra campus: 02 6268 6058


University Reporting

Village Team

Village Reception (9am-5pm)  After Hours
Western Sydney UV - Bankstown  02 8024 6040 and press #2 0466 748 852
Western Sydney UV - Campbelltown  02 8024 6045 and press #2 0413 019 104
Western Sydney UV - Hawkesbury 02 8024 6050 and press #2 0466 778 568
Western Sydney UV - Penrith 02 8024 6065 and press #2 0413 019 253
Western Sydney UV - Nirimba 02 8024 6055 and press #2 0413 019 282
Western Sydney UV - Parramatta 02 8024 6060 and press #2 0401 744 170


University Security
1300 737 003 (24 hotline) 


University Support
1300 668 370


University Reporting
02 9678 7900

Sexual Offences Reporting Portal

Support available to you at the Village


Any form of disrespectful behaviour, and particularly sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape, is difficult to go through. There's no wrong way to react to sexual violence. Sexual violence is never the fault of the victim/survivor, and you can always seek help. Some normal reactions can be: difficulty focusing and making decisions, disrupted sleeping, as well as anxiety and feeling isolated. 

 Support options available to you may include:

  • Medical attention
  • Counselling and psychology services
  • Academic support including special consideration if your studies are impacted
  • Legal support and advice
  • Temporary alternative accommodation if required
  • Reporting an incident to the University or Police

At all times, you are in control of what support you want or need. Our Village Teams are experienced and trained to assist you with finding the right support, both at the Village and from University, community and law enforcement services. You are welcome to speak to the Village Team with a friend, family member or other support person if you prefer.

It is important for both your immediate safety and support, and the overall safety of the Village to let us know if you have seen, heard about or experienced any offensive or disrespectful behaviour, especially sexual harassment or sexual assault.

What will happen when you speak to the Village Team?

The first priority is your safety and wellbeing. The Village team will assist you with the immediate support you want or need to feel safe. The Village team can help you by contacting friends/family, medical or emergency services, your employer or the University and can even arrange alternative temporary accommodation if you require it. At all times it is your right to determine what support you want or need, including none at all.

The Village Team will help walk you through all your options. Your privacy will be respected, and the Village Team will act sensitively to help you. Support from our Village Team is not a one-off, we will continue to check in and support you on an ongoing basis throughout your stay with us.

Be aware also that if the Village Team has ongoing concerns for your wellbeing and safety at any time, they may call your emergency contact. Also, as our Villages are managed in partnership with the University (and are often on the University campus), incidents occurring in the Village may be required to be reported to the University. Where this is the case it will be clearly outlined to you, and both the University and Village Teams will act sensitively.

You should also be aware that all incidents of sexual harassment or sexual assault at CLV must be reported through the Incident Management Framework. This is a confidential process and your privacy will be respected. This is an important process that allows CLV to monitor incidents and take action to ensure we are providing a safe and respectful environment for all staff and residents.

When you speak to our Village Team, we will explain the options available so you can choose what is right for you. The Village Team will help you navigate your individual circumstances. 

Remember, you can speak to the Village Team at any time, speak to the team more than once, and you can also report or disclose something that happened in the past.

Why speak to the Village Team?

Reporting helps to make the Village a safer place for everyone, and will enable us to help you get the support you need – from medical support to counselling or academic support. Reporting will ensure the Village and CLV Management team, the University or the Police can fully investigate the incident and if an incident involves another CLV resident or a Village Team member, it allows CLV to take appropriate action.


Speaking to an RA

Resident Assistants are here to help ensure you have a positive experience at CLV and organise social events, however our Team members (in particular the Village Manager or a Duty Manager) are best placed to support you in the event you experience sexual harassment or assault, and we advise you to come directly to the Village Team. If you do speak to a Resident Assistant about an incident, CLV policy is that their role is to refer you to a Village Team member to support you. Resident Assistants are also required to report any incidents they become aware of at the Village through the Incident Management Framework.

If you aren’t sure if you are ready to speak to the Village Team, you can in the first instance speak to a confidential counselling service such as 1800RESPECT - the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service:

Call: 1800RESPECT 24/7

Chat online:

Find additional local services:

What are possible outcomes of reporting an incident to the Village, University or Police?

The outcome of reporting an incident to the Village, University or Police is completely dependent on the nature and circumstances of the incident, whether the person said to be responsible for the incident is identified, whether they are a Village/University student or staff member, and what action or support you are seeking.

Some possible outcomes might be:

  • Further investigation by the Village, University and/or police
  • Police to investigate and for natural justice to take its course
  • The University taking disciplinary action
  • The Village taking disciplinary action which at its most serious could be exclusion of a student from the Village or termination of employment of a staff member
  • Enhancing safety and security procedures
  • Providing additional training to students or staff members
  • Providing support to the student as outlined above

If the police are investigating, the Village and/or University may not proceed with an investigation until the outcome of the Police investigation is known. This does not prevent the Village or University from supporting you while the investigation is happening.

It is important to understand that if a Village, University or Police investigation is occurring, the person said to be responsible for the incident would usually be informed of the investigation. You will be advised at all times of the process that CLV will follow, however, the Police and University will follow their own processes and communications.

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