things you need to stop doing in your 20s

Things You Need To Stop Doing In Your 20's

Posted at 14 November 2016 in Village Life

There comes a moment when you realise you’re not a teenager anymore.

And this might happen a few times in your early-twenties when you’re sprawled out on a couch with glitter stuck to your face and you find your shoes in the fridge for some reason (drawing from experience here…). My point being: you’ll have a few moments in the early years of your degree when you think “I’m too old for this”. Whether it takes a huge raging party to make you see the light, or you have a moment of clarity when you realise you haven’t washed your bed sheets in two months, here are a few things you need to stop doing now that you’re in your twenties.

Buying frozen meals because you’re scared of raw meat

Yes, you know who you are. A real human adult would know how to cut up raw meat and just deal with it. Some of us are super squeamish around raw meat, and that was acceptable when you were 12. But now that you’re a big kid you need to know how to dice up a chicken fillet without puking. Frozen meals will only get you so far before you realise the joy of freshly cooked food. Get onto it.

Not owning a savings account

Come on… If you haven’t done this yet, you’re lagging behind. I mean, no judgement, but did you have a plan for adult life? Because if you’re not putting money away periodically then you’re in for a rude awakening. Even if it’s only $50 a fortnight, or less, putting incremental sums of money in a separate account means you’ve got something to fall back on. Trust me. Not having enough money to catch a train is a sad, sad experience. Don’t let it get there.

Letting your clothes rip before you buy new ones

I’m not saying go out and spend all your money on new clothes all the time, but it becomes pretty obvious when they start to wear and tear. Don’t be that guy that’s walking down the street with one shoe falling away at the sole. Yes, you’re a broke uni student, but remember that point I made about a savings account? Yeah. That bad boy will buy you a new set of shoes so you’re not looking like a homeless person at your next job interview.

Eating 5-day old food and hoping for the best

Admittedly, I did this at uni. So no judgement if you’re on your last $5 and need to eat dinner tonight. But if you can avoid it, you should. Try to remember when you made food, or ordered it, and eat it before it goes off. You don’t want to waste your money and miss out on a decent meal because you forgot it was in the fridge and now it’s growing mould. Keep tabs on what’s in your fridge, and don’t eat it if it’s growing cultures. Simple things.

“Keep tabs on what’s in your fridge, and don’t eat it if it’s growing cultures.”

Wearing your swimwear because you don’t have clean underwear

This is hilarious, and I’ve definitely done this, but there was no reason for me to let it get that far. Do. Your. Washing. Of course it’s a hassle, of course it’s not fun, but the feeling of clean clothes, and the fact that you get the option of wearing a clean pair of socks can’t be matched. Just suck it up and wash your clothes. Your mum would be proud.

Everything at uni is a learning curve, so if you haven’t sorted your life out yet, you will. If you’re still eating 5-day-old food and wearing board shorts to class, that’s okay – being a broke student is part of the experience of going to uni, and when you look back on it, it’s a pretty great set of memories. Just get it together for family get-togethers and job interviews, yeah? Yeah. Cool.

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