semester breaks that wont break the bank

Semester Breaks That Wont Break The Bank

Posted at 06 September 2016 in Travel & Culture

We’re pretty lucky in Australia

While we’re a holiday destination ourselves, we live pretty close to some awesome holiday locations. You have a lot at your fingertips if you have enough money saved up. And the best part? It’s not that expensive to begin with… Here are a few of the best holiday destinations just hours from your Aussie home. Thank me later.

New Zealand

A pretty obvious pick for anyone who is visiting Australia for the first time. Our distant-cousin-of-a-country is just a few hours away and stands alone when it comes to beauty and natural phenomena. If you’re into mountaineering, hikes, treks and snow sports, definitely head to NZ. If the physical demands don’t appeal to you, it’s also bursting with gorgeous scenery and Lord of the Rings tourism. Hit up Rotorua or Lake Taupo for some great walks and sight-seeing, or head south to take in the Remarkables. Trust me, google it.

The Pacific Islands

If the cold climate doesn’t appeal to you, that’s cool, because just north of New Zealand sits a  series of island countries that seem to exist solely for the purpose of taking your breath away. Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji are popular getaways for Australians looking to escape the grind – and if you head over there you’ll see why. Crystal clear water, snorkelling, diving, rainforests and beautiful seafood. It’s a no-brainer, really.


You won’t need your passport for this one. Tassy is the Southern-most point of Australia – and yes, if you were wondering, it is part of the country. Don’t let the body of water fool you. A modest tourism scene that treads a fine line between Australian and New Zealand scenery, Tasmania manages to be a holiday destination and a small town at the same time. Take in some beautiful bush-walks, check out the art galleries or relax by some of the bluest beach water Australia has on offer.


A lot of the students who visit Australia and spend their time on the East coast will forget that we’ve got an amazing city on the other side of the country. I was born here and I still forget how big Australia is, but if you take the 5-hour flight across the desert plains, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful Australian city that is totally underestimated for its local Australian flora and fauna. Head out to Rottnest Island and hang out with the Quokkas, hit up the Little Creatures Brewery and other great restaurants in Fremantle, or road trip down to the gorgeous Margaret River for some famed Australian wine.

The Blue Mountains

You don’t have to visit New Zealand to see mountains. Yes, the NZ mountains are definitely incredible and unrivalled by anything in Australia, but the Blue Mountains region has a charm all of its own. Oozing the ancient history of the Aboriginal tribes that once lived there, the Blue Mountains have some amazing walks and natural sites to take in. The best part? It’s just a train ride away from Sydney. If you’re on the East coast, definitely put this on your list.

You probably won’t get to see all of these during your time studying (and if you do, wow, well done), but if you tick one or two off the list, you’ll be all the better for it. In this part of the world we’re very lucky, so why not take advantage? 


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