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Accommodation provider launches new campaign to help students with everyday tasks

Posted at 11 November 2018 in CLV News

Student accommodation provider Campus Living Villages has today launched #YouGotThis, a campaign designed to help students with everyday tasks such as boiling an egg and creating a budget. As part of the campaign, Campus Living Villages hopes to improve student wellbeing and make university a more enjoyable experience.

Campus Living Villages created #YouGotThis after analysis of Google search results identified a desire for help with basic chores. Its review found that the phrase “how to boil an egg” is Googled more than 27,000 times a month, while “how to wash clothes” is searched for 1000 times a month. The research also suggested that students struggle to know how to adequately prepare for leaving home, with “what to take to uni” entered into Google 1600 times a month.

The #YouGotThis campaign is designed to address these knowledge gaps by developing content with specialist partner organisations and influential bloggers. So far, content has included cheap and easy recipes with step-by-step instructions from internet stars Mrs Rachel Brady, Reduced Grub, Nine Grand Student and June Konrad, as well as advice on jobs and other ways to earn money while studying from Inspiring Interns and Student Job. Further content is planned on financial management, relationships, mental health and housekeeping.

A spokesperson from Campus Living Villages commented: “Sadly, we see students on a daily basis who find what many of us would consider simple tasks hard to do. These regular struggles can often make university feel like an overwhelming environment for young people. For many, it’s the first time they have lived away from home and tasks which might seem easy when parents are around can suddenly seem difficult and time consuming. University should be a positive experience and we hope that #YouGotThis will give students the helping hand.”

The #YouGotThis campaign forms a central part of Campus Living Villages’ new website, where students will also be able to reserve accommodation online, find out more about the company’s villages and access online support teams.

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