10 questions to ask your child before they pick student accommodation

10 Questions To Ask Your Child Before They Pick Student Accommodation

Posted at 21 September 2018

Picking the right student accommodation is key to your child's Uni experience. From knowing when to apply for student accommodation to exploring on-campus accommodation, there are several things you should consider before making a decision.

To make sure that you and your child make an informed choice, we’ve put together a questionnaire to start your conversation about accommodation. Running through this with your child will help you both identify the qualities they need from their accommodation and will enable you to find the best option for everyone involved.

1) What is your budget?

Whether you’re helping them out or they are taking out a student loan, you need to consider your financial parameters. There’s no point looking at accommodation options way above your budget. Discuss your financial situation openly and then make choices accordingly.

2) How many people do you want to share with?

Student accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes. Remember this is their first year so less is probably more.

3) Do you find it hard to make new friends?

Moving away from home can be daunting for your child as well as for you. Some students find it easy to get talking to new people, others not so much.

4) Do you want to live on campus or off campus?

If your child struggles to make friends, look at on-campus options where they will be surrounded by other students with similar interests and schedules

5) Do you need a quiet place to study?

Some people have the self-discipline to complete their assignments regardless of activities happening around them. Others need a space where they can complete their work in peace. For the latter, look at campuses with designated work areas.

6) What are your transport options?

Will you be walking to class, driving or catching public transport? All of this will help you choose the right location.

7) What kind of people do you want to meet?

Uni is a fantastic way to meet people from all sorts of countries and walks of life. Do you want to meet sociable people or people who are as focused on their education as you are?

8) What do you want to get out of your Uni experience?

Are you there purely to study or do you want to make lots of new friends and let loose a little too? Evaluating what they want from their experience early in the process will help identify the right accommodation for them.

9) When does your course start?

This will help you figure out when to start looking for student accommodation.

10) How are you feeling about leaving home?

It’s good to check in with your child about how they feel. After all, they’re probably just as nervous about the whole experience as you are!

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