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Get 6 Weeks Rent Free in Semester 2 !

Apply for Semester 2 Accommodation by 31st of July 2020 and you’ll get 6 weeks rent free! Use Promo Code: STAYSEM20 Terms and Conditions Apply.

All-inclusive, affordable rooms

Convenient, on-campus location

Dynamic student lifestyle with social events to fill your calendar

Flexible booking policies to support you

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We've developed a Flexible Booking Policy just for you!

What is the Flexible Booking Policy?You can secure your room for Semester 2 now and if the University decides to close the campus, you are unwell or unable to travel, you can cancel or change your booking up to 14 days before it starts.Terms & Conditions Apply. You can apply now, with peace of mind that you have some flexibility in place to support you (just in case anything changes!)

The convenience of living on campus, mixed with the ability to make your experience whatever you want it to be… It’s a really cool experience.

Rob, UNSW Village

Campus Living Villages (CLV), through our Health Safety and Environment Teams are closely monitoring developments around the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

Please click here for the latest information.

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Experience The UNSW Student Life with On Campus Accommodation

If you have been accepted for a course at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) – congratulations to you! There will be so much for you to look forward to including new friends, challenging uni assignments, and of course lots of social events. Make most out of your time at UNSW by choosing to stay at UNSW Village. This is on-campus student accommodation that offers not just proximity to your classes, but also support and assistance to all student residents when required. Through social events and educational workshops, you will be able to make strong bonds and unforgettable memories with other residents here.