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Say goodbye to 2020 and hello 2021 by moving into an all-inclusive room on campus, making great friends and having your own space to live, study and play.

Rooms start at $250 per week. Get in quick, these rates won't last.

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We know it’s been a tough year with many changes and a lot of uncertainty. That’s why you can book now and if COVID is impacting your plans to be on-campus, you don’t get into University, your classes go online or you don’t get a Visa you can cancel your Residential Agreement for free. Please click 'learn more' below to read the full eligibility criteria for this policy.

The convenience of living on campus, mixed with the ability to make your experience whatever you want it to be… It’s a really cool experience.


The sense of community here is very strong. And the fact that it is literally on campus yet independent style of living, is just a dream come true! UNSW village is home away from home, where you will feel included and engaged all the time.


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How we’re supporting students during COVID-19

Our students are our #1 priority, and from the beginning of 2020 our teams have gone above and beyond to ensure our Villages are COVID-Safe and support students through a very challenging time. Learn how we’re making our Villages safe, and why living on campus is helping our students thrive despite the pandemic.

Experience The UNSW Student Life with On Campus Accommodation

It’s an exciting time to be starting university at a new location. As an interstate, international or even local student moving to a new suburb, moving into on campus accommodation is the perfect way to start your studies.

Your student accommodation is a place to catch up on your uni assignments, rest after a big day out and serves as your home away from home. For most students, this will be your first time moving out of your family home, so you need to make sure both you and your family are satisfied with the student accommodation you choose.

There Is So Much UNSW Village Can Offer Besides Student Accommodation

If you have been accepted for a course at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) – congratulations to you! There will be so much for you to look forward to including new friends, challenging uni assignments, and of course lots of social events.

Make most out of your time at UNSW by choosing to stay at UNSW Village. This is on-campus student accommodation that offers not just proximity to your classes, but also support and assistance to all student residents when required. Through social events and educational workshops, you will be able to make strong bonds and unforgettable memories with other residents here.

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Start uni life on campus by applying for student accommodation at UNSW Village today.

Our accommodation location and options give both students and their parents peace of mind. Should you have more questions about UNSW Village, contact us at +61 8 6202 1120 or send in your enquiries via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.