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Summer Time Activities: Australia Edition

Posted at 26 October 2022 in Travel & Culture

Ahh, summertime! Sunny skies, and summer vibes. It truly doesn’t get any better than summertime in Australia. As the weather begins to heat up, Australia becomes a sunny playground full of breathtaking coastal walks, attractions and activities. Here at Campus Living Villages, we love enhancing our student's Australian experience by sharing our best-kept secrets whether you’re an international student who is exploring life down under for the very first time. Or, a local who’s an Aussie through and through. We’ve got some fun summertime activities you’ll want to add to your list for 2022! Let’s get into it. 


1. Head on a coastal Aussie road trip!

Gather your mates, pack the car and venture wherever your heart desires! There are so many iconic road trip destinations to explore. Including what is known as New South Wales’s Legendary Pacific Coast! This is the perfect trip for our Sydney students who have free time to spare over the holidays. 

2. Zipline across the Yarra River 

Students from Student Village Melbourne, did you know you can snap on a harness and fly 130 metres across the Yarra river? Yip, that’s right, thanks to The Firefly Zipline! Get your adrenaline soaring as you zoom 40 kilometres per hour above the water! This makes for a super fun day out with friends. Only for the month of December. Check it out here

3. Park up at the drive-thru cinema 

What's better than watching a Hollywood blockbuster from the comfort of your own car? Many drive-thru cinemas are floating around Australia, so you’ll be bound to find one near you. Sydney students can venture out to Skyline Drive In Blacktown, which is well-established and enjoyed by many!

4. See a free concert 

This is the perfect budget-friendly option for students to enjoy. There are an array of free concerts around Australia - especially during the summertime. Search for free concerts that are near you this summer. Pack a picnic, picnic a blanket and make some enjoyable memories with your friends.

5. Perth Students - Spend the day at Scarborough Beach

Nothing beats a Perth summer. This is the perfect activity for those of you staying in student accommodation in Perth. Whether you need a relaxing study break during the semester, or during the holidays. Only 20 minutes from the city centre, Scarborough Beach is a favourite among beach-goers! If you’re not a fan of the sea, visit the Scarborough Beach Pool that overlooks the ocean.


6. Have a BBQ at your university accommodation 

Can you truly enjoy an Aussie summer without a barbie? That’s a trick question, of course not! Snags sizzling on the barbie, backyard cricket and good company - it really doesn’t get any better than this. Each brings a plate to share for some variety, memories like this are what make living at student accommodation so enjoyable.


We hope this has given you some fun ideas for your Australian summer this year!  We know it can be easy to have your mind on your study constantly, but here’s your reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy life! If you are becoming overwhelmed, know that we offer 24/7 support with friendly staff on-site who are always willing to lend you advice and a helping hand.

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