What is the CLV Integrity/ Speak Out Helpline?
The Helpline is a 24-hour issue reporting service for those people that would like to report or speak to someone confidentially about a workplace issue or concern. The Helpline is not normally used for personal grievances, and you can refer to the CLV Group Code of Conduct and other policies for further information.

What kinds of incidents can I report on?
You should speak out and report anything that doesn’t feel right. Some examples of workplace issues are financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse, and unsafe conditions. You should review the CLV Group Whistle Blower Policy for more information, along with any in-country Whistle Blower Policy and also the CLV Group Code of Conduct, all of which should provide you with more information and help you decide if you should make a report.

Can I use the CLV Integrity/ Speak Out Helpline for a personal grievance?
The Helpline is not normally used for personal grievances, which should be handled through our existing in-country grievance and/or other complaint procedures.

Does the company really want employees to report concerns?
Yes. CLV has set up its CLV Integrity/ Speak Out Helpline we want to you to speak up when you see or experience something that doesn’t seem right. We want to hear from you so we can ensure our standards and values are upheld.

Is the CLV Integrity/ Speak Out Helpline only for CLV employees?
As part of our commitment to creating an environment of trust, we encourage and reply upon our employees, their partners, contractors, and anyone else with relevant information to promptly raise any legal or ethical concerns they may have.

If I make a report or disclosure, will this remain confidential and anonymous?
The system has been set up to allow you to report completely anonymously. In all instances, every effort will be made to ensure that information relating to a reported incident is kept confidential and communicated on a need-to-know basis only. Below are the different levels of anonymity you may be able to select:

  • Remain completely anonymous
    You will not reveal your name or contact information to your organisation or to Convercent. Your identity is completely protected on the incident report.
  • Remain anonymous toward organisation
    You are comfortable revealing your name and contact information to Convercent, but not to your organisation. Convercent may contact you confidentially to gather additional information about the report yet not reveal your identity at any time to your organisation.
  • Share my name and information
    You do not care about anonymity. You choose to reveal your name and identity to both your organisation and to Convercent.

How do I contact the Helpline?
You can contact the Helpline in a number of ways: by ringing the Helpline direct and speaking to a Convercent representative (see below) OR by scanning the QR code found on posters advertising the service in your work location OR making a report on-line by accessing the Helpline by clicking on the link you can find on your in-country SharePoint or on the CLV website (located in the footer of the website).

What are the Helpline numbers?
The Helpline numbers for each country are as follows:

AU 00 11 800 1777 9999
UK 00 800 1777 9999
US 00 800 461 9330

How do I make a report online?
You can access the Helpline on-line by clicking on the following link CLV Integrity/Speak Out Helpline – Powered by Convercent.

What can I expect to happen after I make a report?
Once you submit your report, you will create a password and receive an access code. The report is routed to the designated people within your organisation to review and take appropriate action. If you provided your details to Convercent or your organisation, via the Helpline, we will be able to communicate with you anonymously and confidentiality.

Can I check the status of my report?
You’ll be able to create a personal password, which you can use to check the status and updates of the report after it’s been submitted. You can also call the appropriate country number to check the status over the phone.

Can I change my report after I submit it?
You won’t be able to change your report after it has been submitted. However, you will be able to add additional details using message boards.

Who will see my report?
After you submit it, your incident report will be received by Convercent and routed to a very limited number of designated individuals within CLV experienced in dealing with these sorts of matters. All incident reports will be handled according to the internal investigatory procedures for the country in which a report is made. The report will be housed and managed within the Convercent system which has very restricted access.

Will my incident report be shown to the police?
Your incident report is NOT automatically sent to law enforcement. If the company believes law enforcement (or other authorities) should receive a copy, or if the law requires it, will your incident report be submitted to the police.​