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Leading Together

A diverse, inclusive and differentiated student accommodation experience is fundamental to the long-term success and strategy of the University.



CLV is dedicated to creating a student accommodation experience that elevates the competitive appeal and success of the University.



CLV operates as a fully integrated accommodation partner with an open, transparent and collaborative approach to ensure a seamless, safe and positive student experience at all times.



CLV treats learning as a holistic endeavour that must be supported by opportunities for individuals to develop confidence and essential life skills beyond academics.



CLV is a dedicated partner with a firm focus on quality management, cost efficiencies and opportunities to ensure a net positive financial contribution to the University.



CLV draws upon resident surveys, industry insight and University strategy to tailor a diverse and meaningful accommodation mix to meet cohort preferences and financial capacity.



CLV offers a comprehensive and customisable Live, Learn, Grow, residential life framework designed to support and enhance the student experience with community activities, pastoral care and educational services.

Shaping the Future

We are committed to keeping our University partners and out Investors at the forefront of student accommodation.

Cultural Wellbeing

An international student market is highlighting the role of safe, supportive environments and services as well as diverse housing preferences based on cultural norms.

Smarter Safety

New technologies, safety education and data usage are shaping smarter and more holistic approaches to student security and wellbeing.

Green Living

The crisis of climate change has rallied and united a youthful, global voice, aimed at greater public and private sector contributions to green living solutions.

Co-Living 2.0

The next-gen version of share-housing is garnering a great deal of attention as an emerging focus and opportunity in the student housing market.

Phygital World

The blending of digital and physical solutions has undergone rapid development and continues to open new avenues for collaboration, research, learning and innovation.

Making a Difference

Our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy is an integral part of developing and enhancing our thriving student communities.

Our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy is an integral part of developing and enhancing our thriving student communities.

Building vibrant, student-centred communities

To help institutions develop the best in campus living, CLV offers expertise in all aspects of the design, development and management of student housing.

We deliver a range of accommodation solutions and operating models that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each partner we work with, including:

  • Developing new accommodation
  • BOOT schemes — build, own, operate, transfer
  • Management contracts
  • Acquiring new assets
  • Entering long-term lease options on land and/or buildings
  • Finding on or off-balance sheet solutions
  • Refurbishments
  • Project management

Community, security, sustainability and quality living are central to our design philosophy.

Working with campus master plans, we pride ourselves on developing solutions specific to the unique character, culture, demographics, location and spirit of every institution we work with. CLV does not operate a ‘one size fits all’ model. Just like our partners, each property we design is unique. From low-rise facilities to high-density developments, catered and non-catered services, flat land to challenging hillside developments, we have the experience and resources to deliver.

CLV aims to create villages that complement the campus environment and attract and retain residents. The provision of central communal areas, sport and entertainment facilities, study centres and spaces for village events and gatherings are key to CLV’s design and management philosophy.

Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT)

One of our most popular development options is the BOOT scheme — build, own, operate, transfer. This unique, vertically-integrated business model sees CLV develop and manage the property for an agreed term, before transferring ownership to the partnering institution. The BOOT scheme offers institutions the benefit of a secure, long-term relationship and single point of accountability with one entity over the life of the agreement. At the end of the term, the property is handed back in an agreed operational condition.


Joint Venture

The Joint Venture Model is where CLV is an equity partner, with minimal or no onsite presence. This model is very popular in the UK, and allows flexibility for exactly how CLV provides PBSA solutions, tailored to the needs and preferences of the University.


Hard FM, Soft Service

In this model, CLV provides life cycle services and capital management. There is no operational input (for example residential life programs, procurement). CLV retains flexibility to provide targeted services or even a full service model should the University require. This model showcases our commitment to property management and facilitating the accommodation experience delivered by the University through creating exceptional places.


In our management contract arrangements, it is key that our partners understand and are supportive of our residential life philosophy and have a desire to engage with us over the long term. This ensures we can deliver the best results for both property owners and residents, build effective relationships and networks, and establish a positive reputation for each site.