Triple Hunt Hall - all male

Triple Hunt Hall - all male

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Additional Fees

With a range of fully-furnished apartments for over 300 students, Hunt & Martin Halls offer home away from home, along with an exciting residential life program and convenient on-site facilities. From studying to socializing, this fantastic on-campus location will provide you with an independent lifestyle to complement your university experience. Hunt Hall provides all-male housing with a spacious community kitchen and study room. Martin Hall is a two-story all-female double-occupancy residence hall. You have the opportunity to live within a vibrant community, learn within our various study lounges and grow throughout one-of-a-kind student programming.

Room Features
  • Fully Furnished
  • Twin Size Bed
  • Utility Package (electricity, water, & gas included)
  • Shared Bathrooms
  • Internet

Rates and Pricing

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village address

Hunt and Martin Halls

MCM Box 627

Abilene, TX, 79697

McMurry University, United States