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What's on offer at Fitzroy Court

Cluster Room

Cluster Room

Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

What is the cost difference between Fitzroy Court compared to private housing?

  • Private Rental
  • Fitzroy Court
Weekly rent cost
  • £125 per week
  • From £135.98 per week
Utility bills: gas, electric, water
  • £73 per month each
  • Included
High-speed Wi-Fi
  • £8 per month each
  • Included
Events programme
Staff available 24/7
On-campus location
Parcel collection service
Furniture included
Choose who you live with
Total monthly cost per person
  • £581.00
  • £543.92

Convenient student living - right on campus

The University of Bedfordshire’s only official student accommodation in Luton, and the town’s only on-campus student rooms.

For those looking to spend evenings or weekends in the capital, there are regular trains from Luton Railway Station, which is just a 10-minute walk from the student village. You can be in central London in as little as 30 minutes! 

Located in the centre of Luton, Fitzroy Court are a popular choice for international students due to their fantastic transport links, and there are a number of great, quiet villages within a reasonable distance.

Choose from a range of fully furnished, modern studios and en-suites at a varied price range. We have everything you need to enjoy a convenient student living experience, including a free on-site gym and lots of communal spaces for socialising and making friends. 


Included in cost

  • All rent and energy costs fixed
  • 24/7 Security
  • Free events
  • Contents insurance
  • Accessible rooms
  • Furniture and private study space
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  • Common room
  • Bike storage
  • Free gym
  • Laundry facilities
  • Cinema room
  • Games room
  • On-campus
  • Free Wi-Fi
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Explore your new neighbourhood

Located in the middle of Luton, there are great transport links around town and to London, there’s plenty to discover within a short distance. 

With buses to get around town and the 24-hour Thameslink for a quick journey to London, Sutton, and Brighton, there’s never a lack of exploration to do. Better yet, being right on-campus at Fitzroy Courts means you can stay close to home to recharge before going out again.

Explore the area
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Don't just take it from us

Hear what other residents have to say

"Good reception team always helpful"

"really nice reception staff!! always helpful, social aspects brilliant however could do with a swimming pool"

"The reception is always happy to help. Sam and Julia are very nice and friendly and always there to resolve situations."

"I really enjoy being in this accommodation, the receptionist people are very nice and always ready to help."

"The staff is amazing! Sam is particularly really helpfull and cooperative and always helps whenever help is neede. Julia is really helpfull and gives great advive! Akmal hs been very supportive as well. All in all they all deserve a raise for thei..."

"The reception stuff are amazing, especially Sam on night shifts, really on point and very helpful when you need them. Great value for money."

"For living in this accommodation I will prefer every one to experience to live here and the safety point of view it’s very good and the staff is very helpful and sweet"

"It's a good accommodation place for students."

"Great maintenance and friendly all around"

"I’ve had a good experience living here, throughout the past 3 years."

"Good, very good and helpful staff; Sanna has been very helpful and supportive in dealing with any and all problems that have occurred."

"The staff are really helpful and reliable"

"Great, excellent and very comfortable"

"I enjoy being here. There is issues sometimes with maintenance or cleaning mess need to ask. Or laundry machines not working. Internet is sometimes gone. Rooms are okay"

"Pretty good so far, looking forward to the rest of my stay. Money well spent."

"For the most part I like it here, and the rooms are pretty good considering the price. With the fair amount storage and desk. Though the walls are a little thin and some people have more privacy than others. In addition, the kitchen it pretty grea..."

"Nice rooms with easy access to laundry and a free gym! It's also very well situated in Luton with the university a stone throw away from the room"

"A great place to stay friendly staff and welcoming environment"

"I like the location, really close to campus and the mall centre. Most of the staff are friendly and nice. Cleaning after summer this year is significantly improved, and there are more convenient details added. Hope next year will get even better e..."

"Very nice! It’s a good choice for a student who wants study in UoB"

"Not a bad experience, but they can do better"

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Upcoming Events

See what's happening at Fitzroy Court


Fitzroy Sundae Night

Village: Fitzroy Court Location: Fitzroy Court Common Room Start Time: 9:00PM 25 June 2024 End Time: 11:00PM 25 June 2024

“Come join us and create your own sweet sundae!”

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Fitzroy Donation/Swap Shop Month

Village: Fitzroy Court Location: Reception Start Time: 9:00AM 01 July 2024 End Time: 8:00PM 31 July 2024

Join us for a month-long celebration of community spirit, sustainability, and the joy of giving! This is an opportunity for residents to donate gently used items they no longer need and swap them for treasures they will love. This event aims to promote reuse, reduce waste, and foster a sense of togetherness in our community.

aaron burden BFO5GRhzp48 unsplash

Fitzroy Water Fight

Village: Fitzroy Court Location: Fitzroy Reception Start Time: 2:00PM 16 July 2024 End Time: 5:00PM 16 July 2024

Join us for the big Fitzroy Water Fight at reception! Water pistols, water balloons, snacks and drinks will be available. Come and cool off this summer with your friends!

z grills australia jkP5KFVbpGg unsplash


Village: Fitzroy Court Location: Wingate Hall Court Yard Start Time: 7:00PM 04 July 2024 End Time: 10:00PM 04 July 2024

We’re thrilled to invite you to our Fitzroy Court BBQ Bash!

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Whether you want to know about ways you can pay your rent, how to apply for a visa or how you can get your luggage delivered, plenty of international students come to us with similar questions.  

We’ve got answers, helpful tips, and handy tricks to help you get your head around life in the United Kingdom.

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Your safety is our priority

Your safety is our priority

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Want to report an issue?

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We are accredited National Code members

We are accredited National Code members

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